SMU professor and associate dean named president of Franklin College in Switzerland

Dr. P Gregory Warden

Last Wednesday Meadows Dean Jose Bowen sent an email to all Meadows Faculty and Staff announcing the appointment of Dr. P. Gregory Warden, a University Distinguished Professor of Art History and associate dean for research and academic affairs at SMU’s Meadows School of the Arts, as the fourth president of Franklin College.

“We are very sorry to see Greg leave SMU, but at the same time we are thrilled for him – it’s an incredible honor to be chosen for such an important and prestigious position, and we know he will make an exceptional leader for Franklin College,” Bowen said. “SMU has an ongoing relationship with Franklin – a number of our students study abroad there each year. We look forward to maintaining a close collaboration with Greg and with Franklin College in the coming years.”

Franklin College is located in Lugano, Switzerland and SMU has had a partnership with the university for years. Warden’s term as president will begin July 1, 2012.

Dr. Warden has earned several awards during his 30-year career with the university. He was named the Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor at SMU in 2011. He has also served as associate dean for research and academic affairs for the Meadows School since 1988. He co-founded and directed the SMU-in-Italy program for more than 20 years. In 2011, the National Endowment for the Humanities awarded a $200,000 grant in support of a summer institute for college teachers, led by Dr. Warden, which will examine Etruscan and Roman culture on-site in Italy.


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Please Congratulate Senate Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Committee Chair Ramon Trespalacios announced this semester’s Senate Scholarship recipients during the Nov. 15th senate meeting.

The recipients include:

Travis Miller, Raquel Mooring, Bryan Parrish, Amy McClane, Natsumi Hazama, Samuel Martinez, Elizabeth Blumberg, George Utkov, Antonea Bastian, Stephen Nelson, Charlotte Nall Blum, Michelle Dekkers, Tomin Kozhimala, Nina Rafiq, Margaret Fegan, Snow LaToya Nguyen, Samantha Williams, Daniel Poku, Cara Goedecke, Mayela Trespalacios, Jingjing Yang, and Daniiar Tashbekov.

Congratulations, everyone!

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Meet Your First Year Senators!

Name: Monica Finnegan

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): First Year

Expected Graduation: 2015

Major(s): Business, International Relations, and Political Science.

Minors(s): n/a

Activities/organizations: I am a member of the Union and an active member of the Catholic Choir. In my free time I like to play water sports and rollerblade or bike around campus.

Honor society/leadership/Greek: Hunt Leadership Scholar.

What do you enjoy about being a senator?
“There are so many things I love about being a Student Senator. Firstly, being on senate give me a unique perspective on how the school works which is a privilege that only four other students in the class of 2015 get to experience. In gaining this ‘behind the scenes’ perspective, I can see how solutions to problems can be found. I get to see the process on how organizations are chartered, how student concern’s can be fixed through written legislation, how the communications process is carried out, and so much more through senate. Now this is all extremely useful and interesting to me- but would mean nothing if I didn’t know that I have a ‘say’ in how student life will be here at SMU both now and in the future. Having the opportunity to represent the freshmen and represent my constituents and their concerns is exciting and a big responsibility to have. I love getting to know the students here at SMU, and by being a senator I have the convenient excuse to hear a lot of ideas and opinions regarding the various issues on campus.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?
“As a senator, I want to do my very best in making SMU a better place. I will do my best to represent the freshmen class and their problems. If anyone wants to talk to me regarding any concerns- email me at In addition, I have office hours on the third floor of Hughes Trigg in the Student Senate Office on Thursdays 2:30-3:30. Anyone is welcome to come by then and chat about problems and solutions.”

Favorite thing about SMU?:
[No response]


Name: Tanner Flyckt

Classification: FR

Expected Graduation: 2015

Major: Marketing

Minor: Spanish

Activities/organization: fishing, music, golf. involved in 128

Honor/Leadership/Greek: Hilltop Scholar

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“I enjoy being a senator because I am able to have an influence on aspects of the school that need improvement.”

What do you hope to achieve as a senator?

“As a senator, I hope to write pieces of legislation from ideas that not only I think of, but mainly ideas from fellow classmates.

Favorite thing about SMU?

“My favorite thing about SMU is the sense of community that develops from living in a dorm.”


Name: Devin Kerns

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): FR

Expected Graduation: 2015

Major(s): Communication Studies

Minors(s): Italian Area Studies, Political Science

Activities/organizations: Club Volleyball, Student Senate, One28

Honor society/leadership/Greek: New Century Scholars Program

What do you enjoy about being a senator? I enjoy the power being a senator gives you in regards to changing the school. If you have a problem with how something is run at SMU, as a senator, you have the opportunity to improve it.

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“I hope to represent the freshmen class well and be the liaison between upperclassmen and the first years. I will be the voice of the first years and work my hardest to increase campus and community involvement within the freshmen class.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“My favorite thing about SMU is our beautiful campus. Walking to class everyday is so much more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by beautiful buildings and landscaping.”
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Name: J.D. (John David) Mahaffey

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): First-Year

Expected Graduation: May 2015

Major(s): Finance/Organizational Management

Minors(s): Political Science

Activities/organizations: Student Senate, One28, College Republicans, Scholarship Committee

Honor society/leadership/Greek: Hunt Leadership Scholar, Hilltop Scholar, Scholarship Committee Vice-Chair

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“As a First-Year Senator I have found Senate to be a platform where I can become actively involved with other officers, senators, and committee chairs to make a positive difference on the Hilltop. Each week I look forward to chamber because I know we are making a difference on campus through the legislation we pass. I enjoy meeting with other first-year students throughout each week learning about their thoughts and desires of SMU. I encourage any student at SMU to come speak with the 5 First-Year Senators during our weekly office hours from 2:30-3:30 each Thursday in the Student Senate office, located on the 3rd floor of Hughes Trigg Student Center. Also, feel free to contact me by email at”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?
“As a Senator I am currently working on several pieces of legislation. First off, I am working with other First-Year Senators to propose a piece of legislation that would inform each SMU student living on-campus with a bill of student rights. This bill will include the rights students are given when living in dorm rooms and the policies they are to follow as an on-campus student. Secondly we are working on bringing more ATMs to Hughes Trigg, as well as a RedBox or Blockbuster Kiosk. Finally, we are working diligently on improving the food quality in Umph and Mac’s Place. If you have any suggestions, please contact me by email as listed above.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?
“I enjoy the sense of community SMU has to offer. Everyone has a unique place on the SMU campus and within the SMU family. I encourage each student to become involved on campus, to support our Mustang Athletic programs, and to bring your friends and family to campus to better the SMU community.”
Name: William O’Connor

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): FR

Expected Graduation: Spring 2015

Major(s): Business

Minors(s): Philosophy, Psychology

Activities/organizations: One28, RUF, KLife, Alternative Breaks

Honor society/leadership/Greek: [no response]

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“I enjoy when students come to me with requests. I especially like when they show how powerful they think I am by asking me to do things way outside my sphere of influence.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“I just hope to present the interests of the student body, particularly the freshmen, to the Senate and to help the students make this campus everything they want it to be.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“I love how friendly everyone is, especially after hearing in high school that this wouldn’t be the case.”

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Trustee honored as ‘Dream Achiever’

Bobby B. Lyle, a longtime SMU trustee and the namesake of the Lyle School of Engineering, was recently were honored at the Communities in Schools Dallas Region, Inc. (CISDR) Dream Achievers breakfast.

At the event, leaders from the Dallas region shared personal stories about achieving their own dreams as well as helping others.

CISDR was founded in 1985 to address the growing number of high school dropouts in Dallas and surrounding areas, and operates in 66 schools in 10 school districts in Dallas, Collin, Ellis, Hunt and Rockwall counties.

Geoffrey Orsak, the dean of the Lyle School of Engineering, was also honored.

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Summary of Fall 2011 Senate Activity


-Senate Finance Committee has funded 38 organizations $32,115 this semester
-Spring 2012 organization semester budget allocations have been posted on the Student Senate (final Senate approval on 11/15/11)
-22 undergraduate and graduate students received a scholarship courtesy of the three Senate Endowment funds
-Dr. Robert Gates visited Senate to talk about the responsibilities college graduates have in leading

-Increasing game day recycling on the Boulevard, specifically around the fraternity tents
-Creation of more outdoor study facilities
-Emphasis on more appropriate lawn-care timing
-Honorariums for Fred & Judith Banes and Clarence Perkins & Alphonso Buchanan


-Increasing student and community participation in athletic events
-Unification of the undergraduate and graduate student populations
-Senate transparency through electronic voting mechanisms
-Overall representation of the Student Senate

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Meet Your Perkins Senators!

Name: Scott Anderson

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): 3rd Year Graduate Student

Expected Graduation: May 2013

Major(s): Masters of Divinity

Minors(s): [Not applicable]

Activities/Organizations: PSA (Perkins Student Association); North Texas Conference – United Methodist Church

Honor society/leadership/Greek: SMU Lambda Chi Alpha Alumnus

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“The opportunity to be the link between the Perkins School of Theology with the rest of the university. I also have the distinct opportunity to serve on the senate not only as a graduate student, but also as an alumnus (Class of 2005).”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“We hope to improve graduate student funding, not just for us in the theology school, but also the law school and for other graduate programs. I also hope to give the students, graduate and undergraduate, and active voice in the senate.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“The reputation of the university is astounding. It would not be that way without amazing academic professors and administrative leadership. They may be the people who truly make this school tick, and they are what I love most about SMU.”


Name: Samuel Martinez

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): Graduate student

Expected Graduation: May 2012

Major(s): Systematic theology and moral theology

Minors(s): [Not applicable]

Activities/Organizations: Hunting, peace and justice work, youth ministry, thinkingabout theology, skiing, looking sartorially delightful, eating at amazing and off-beaten-path places.

Honor society/leadership/Greek: [No Response]

What do you enjoy about being a senator?:

I enjoy the opportunities to connect with administrators, faculty, and staff, as well as other students from SMU. Also, I enjoy working for the betterment of graduate students and representing graduate student interests and concerns.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

I hope to be a voice for graduate students in regards to student life and academics.

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“My favorite thing about SMU is the class. We ooze it.”

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Trustees to be honored as History Makers

The SMU Distinguished Alumni Award reception and dinner will be held Thursday night on campus. This award is the highest honor the University bestows upon its graduates.

During the ceremony past Distinguished Alumni Award recipients will be honored as History Makers as part of SMU’s Centennial celebration. Two of this year’s honorees also serve on the SMU Board of Trustees: Ruth Collins Altshuler and Ray L. Hunt.

Altshuler is a philanthropist, as well as the first woman chair and longest serving member of the SMU Board of Trustees.  Hunt is a civic and business leader and philanthropist best known for the Hunt Oil Company.

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