This blog looks at the people and organizations who are charged with making decisions for SMU. It is written by staff members of The Daily Campus.

The Major Players:

  • The top rung of the ladder is the Board of Trustees. You may have heard of these guys: they’re the ones who decide when your tuition needs to be raised.
  • SMU President R. Gerald Turner came to SMU in 1995 and oversees the entire university. Underneath him is the rest of the administration. If something important changes, chance are these guys are behind it in some capacity.
  • Faculty is represented by the Faculty Senate. Of interest to students: Faculty Senate is in charge of the academic calendar.
  • Students are represented by the Student Senate. Student senators cannot make any changes themselves. Rather, they make suggestions to the university through the passing of resolutions. But don’t think this leaves them with no power: backing from Student Senate can often lead to change. For example, Student Senate helped bring Fall Break back after it was taken out of the academic calendar.

The point of this blog is to monitor these deciders and their actions. Their decisions affect everyone at SMU, and it’s important to keep an eye on things.