Minutes from October 25 Student Senate Meeting


October 25, 2011
Hughes-Trigg Forum


The meeting was called to order by Speaker Belden at 3:34 pm.



President Prentice
Vice-President Ehmke
Secretary Pool
Speaker Belden
Parliamentarian Morgan
Chief of Staff Mace
Senator Adcox
Senator Anderson
Senator Barro
Senator Bertasi A
Senator Dawson
Senator Deo
Senator Esau
Senator Essaw
Senator Finnegan
Senator Flyckt
Senator Garcia
Senator Genco
Senator Harris
Senator Hoffman
Senator Kadel
Senator Kazmi
Senator Kerns
Senator Kim
Senator Koroma
Senator Krocheski
Senator Langley
Senator Mahaffey
Senator Martinez E
Senator McAuliffe
Senator Miers
Senator Mitchell
Senator Needham
Senator O’Connor
Senator Phan
Senator Robson
Senator Sansone
Senator Schmidt
Senator Schur A
Senator Skreden
Senator Stephens E
Senator Watts
Senator Whelan
Senator Yang
Senator Young E
Chair Badarak
Chair Fox
Chair Goldberg
Chair Hervey
Chair Ladner
Chair Malhi E
Chair Mansfield E
Chair Trespalacios
A – absent; T – tardy;
E – excused


The meeting’s agenda was approved after being amended to reflect the following changes: the inclusion of PAD and ABS to Finance Committee’s new business report, and the addition of a senatorial forum on athletics.


The minutes from the October 18, 2011 General Meeting were approved.


1. Hiba Ibad – SMU Rotaract Club.
Wants to announce the Purple Pinky Against Polio campaign that will occur next week. It only costs three cents to vaccinate a child against polio, and there are only a few countries left in the world before polio is completely eradicated. Those who donate at the various stations will have their pinky fingers colored purple to symbolize their stand against polio. For more information, contact Hiba at hibad@smu.edu.

2. Hanna Kim – Korean Student Association.
KSA is pleased to have had a successful event last week, with more upcoming events showcasing traditional Korean culture. Email KSA president Ruby Kim at rkim@smu.edu for information or details about upcoming events.

3. Khurran Taufiq – Muslim Students Association.
Fastathon is next Thursday – it is MSA’s biggest event of the year. For every person who pledges to fast for the day, sponsors will donate money to charity. This year’s Fastathon will help sponsor orphans all around the world. There will be a pre-fast breakfast in Café 100 at 5:30 am, and the dinner banquet will be held in the Raddison that night. There will be free Italian food. This year’s speaker is Rashad Hussain – White Hors Envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It is highly recommended to RSVP to the banquet so that you can get guaranteed seating. Although fasting includes abstaining from both food and water, you can fast in good faith to the best of your ability.

Motion was passed to extend Speakers’ Podium time by ten minutes.

4. Stephen Ceccon – University Libertarians.
Feels that University Libertarians’ organizational charter should not be revoked. Have already had multiple events this year that drew over a hundred people each, including a Ron Paul campaign event at the Ballpark in Arlington and participating in political protests. Gained over 70 signatures at A Night at the Club, and have more upcoming events scheduled for this year. Revocation of the organization’s charter would be a disservice to the political sphere on campus.

5. Jordan Lee – Bhakti Yoga Club.
Organization meets on Wednesday nights in Hughes-Trigg. Don’t need much funding other than for rooms, coke requests, and flyers. They are a small club, and have between 5 and 15 members in weekly attendance. Club supports a vegetarian diet, and provides place for intellectual discussion, meditation, and oasis during the week. Communication gap in attending the MOM meetings was because the club had only 3 officers at the time. This problem is now resolved.

6. Udoka Omenukor – Hip Hop Dance Club.
[President Prentice yielded part of the time in his officer report since this speaker was not listed on the agenda in time.] Club was missing one signature because it was in transition between exec committees. It needs the charter in order to rent space in the Dedman Rec center. Do not need much funding because the club has sustained itself by raising money at events. They even have some left over to donate to charity. The events are very popular. The club has also partnered with TREAT in order to incorporate the non-dance, business-y side of talent recruitment as well.

a. President Prentice:
1. Health Center Petition – working to find a new name for the Memorial Health Center after the building is renovated. This will be a big topic at the December Board of Trustees meeting.
2. See the questionnaire on the Student Senate Facebook page.
3. Six Weeks Program – attempting to solve some of the social dilemmas that occur in the first six weeks that freshmen are on campus. They are no longer allowed at Greek bus parties during the first six weeks of the fall semester. Trying to dole out programs on Thursday/Friday/Saturday nights so that no two events overlap.
b. Vice President Ehmke:
1. Senate Liaisons – will start contacting organizations for those senators who have not yet emailed their organizations. Please cc him on all correspondence with student organizations.
2. New Agenda Order – moved the order so that visitors don’t have to sit as long in order to hear the Organizations and Finance committee reports. The committee reports are now listed in order of the most visitor attendance.
c. Secretary Pool:
1. Absences – need to keep up with your office hours, committee attendance, and weekly meeting attendance. Check with her if you are concerned about your number of absences/tardys.
2. Bush Library Tour – Senators Hoffman, Esau, O’Connor, Martinez, Adcox, Anderson, Kazmi, McAuliffe, Garcia, O’Neil, Robson, Langley, Watts, Barro, Flyckt, and Stephens, Chair Mansfield, Vice President Ehmke, and Secretary Pool are currently on the list to attend. If this list is not correct, then let Secretary Pool know as soon as possible. The tour is at 2:30 pm on Monday, October 31. The director of the archives will be giving the tour and hopes to poll Senate for feedback on the library, so it is important that Senate make a good showing.
3. Veterans – the new group on campus is starting a drive for care packages for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan that will be held the week of the Navy game. More details on how Senate can help will follow.
4. Minutes – let Secretary Pool know your thoughts on the new format. It is the original format that was used prior to the 95th Student Senate.
5. Code of Conduct Roundtables – will be held next week. Proposals are due on November 4 by 5:00 pm. Please tell all your constituents and pass the word around. There have been no proposals submitted as of today.
6. ROTC – is currently researching the feasibility of bringing an ROTC unit back to campus (like TCU’s unit, not the A&M corps). Let Secretary Pool know if you are interested in helping.
d. Speaker Belden:
1. No report.
e. Parliamentarian Morgan:
1. Parliamentary note.
f. Chief of Staff Mace:
1. No report.
g. Executive Director Jones:
1. United Way – Kickoff for the “text to give” campaign is November 1. It is important for students to give. More information coming next week.

a. Finance – Chair Fox
i. New Business
(1) Chi Alpha – will see next week
(2) PAD – requested $3,212
(a) Request was downgraded to $2,700 according to standards
(b) Funded $725
(c) Vote was 10-0-0
(3) ABS – requested $1,600
(a) Request was downgraded to $720 according to standards
(b) Funded $725 in full
(c) Vote was 9-0-0
ii. Budget Retreat
(1) Organizations budgets are on the email
(2) There is no money left to fund organizations
(3) Residuals will come soon
(4) Senate did not get funded apart from the finance and scholarship committees
(5) The remaining weekly allocation funding for this semester will be announced next week
iii. Old Business
(1) Men’s Club Soccer $200/$200 9-1-1
(2) Psych Department $1,535/$1,535 11-0-0
(3) PC $0/$11,902 9-0-2
(4) APALSA $1,700/$1,700 11-0-2
(5) Student Senate $0/$2,347 12-1-0
(6) Senate Exec—Tabled
(7) MAPS $100/$100 13-0-0

Motion to receive all old business except for PC in block
The blocked portion of the committee’s recommendation was approved

Chief of Staff Mace motioned to amend the funding to PC to the requested $11,902
Reasoning: Senate told them to do a small-name acoustic concert that would be funded by the weekly allocations budget
The finance committee would not fund concerts in their semester budget
This is going against our word, and their energy

Senator Esau motioned to amend the amendment to $5,000
Reasoning: $11,000 is too much – Senate should fund them, but only a lesser amount
Artist was Kate Voegele – not extremely well-known, not a likely good return on investment
Epic funding was already approved
Concert was the week before exams
PC did not have a chance to make modifications to their proposal when the request was denied
They do have enough funding to do a decent concert with a local artist
We did not fund it earlier because we would have been bankrupt
Keeping PC on a leash is not a bad thing – need to balance priorities
Called question to the amendment to the amendment

Roll Call Vote:

Name: Vote:
Austin Prentice aye
Alex Ehmke nay
Martha Pool aye
Ted Belden no vote
Alex Morgan nay
Alex Mace nay
Clint Adcox nay
Scott Anderson nay
William Badarak no vote
Greg Barro aye
Nick Bertasi nay
Jack Dawson nay
Parminder Deo aye
Joseph Esau aye
Roza Essaw nay
Monnica Finnegan nay
Tanner Flyckt aye
Rachel Fox no vote
Juan Jose Garcia nay
Christian Genco nay
Alexis Goldberg no vote
Tyler Harris nay
Kian Hervey no vote
Tiffany Hoffman abstain
Upama Kadel aye
Sarah Kazmi nay
Devin Kerns aye
Hanna Kim nay
Jaimmy Koroma abstain
Brad Krocheski nay
Katherine Ladner no vote
Caroline Langley nay
J.D. Mahaffey aye
Jaywin Malhi no vote
Sam Mansfield no vote
Sam Martinez absent
Anthony McAuliffe nay
James Miers nay
Michael Mitchell nay
Lucy Needham aye
William O’Connor nay
Katie O’Neil nay
An Phan nay
Steven Robson aye
Jason Sansone nay
Christoph Schmidt nay
Laura Schur absent
Cameron Skreden abstain
Savannah Stephens absent
Ramon Trespalacios no vote
Jeff Whelan nay
Jacob Watts nay
Jingjing Yang nay
Shanitah Young absent

Result: 11-27-3
Motion failed

Called the question (for the original motion)
Show of hands vote
Result: 1-36-4
Motion failed

Committee’s recommendation approved
Show of hands vote
Result: 40-0-1
b. Organizations – Chair Goldberg:
i. New Business:
(1) Asian Christian Fellowship, Chartered Status 9-0-0
(2) Method Creative Club, Probationary Status 7-1-1
(3) American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Probationary Status 7-1-1
(4) Mock Trial, Charter Review (will discuss next week)
(5) Saudi Student Association, Revoke Charter 9-0-0
ii. Old Business:
(1) MOM Review (October 6, 2011)
(a) Advertising Club (Chartered): Keep Charter 6-0-0
(b) Golf Club (Probationary): Keep Charter 5-0-0
(c) University Libertarians (Chartered): Revoke Charter 6-0-0
(d) Social Club (Chartered): Revoke Charter 6-0-0
(e) Bhakti Yoga (Chartered): Revoke Charter 5-0-1
(f) Union of Music Students (Chartered): Revoke Charter 6-0-0
(g) Hip Hop Dance (Chartered): Revoke Charter 5-0-1
(h) National Society of Black Engineers (Chartered): Keep Charter 6-0-0
(i) Students for a Better Society (Chartered): Keep Charter 6-0-0
(j) Golden Key National Honor Society (Chartered): Revoke Charter 4-0-2
(k) Mortar Board (Chartered): Revoke Charter 6-0-0
(l) Saudi Student Association (Chartered): Keep Charter 6-0-0 (removed)
(2) October 13, 2011 Business
(a) Mortar Board, Keep Charter 10-0-0
(b) Asian Christian Fellowship, Remain in Temporary Status 8-1-1
(c) Society for Ethical Evaluation and Debate, Probationary Status 10-0-0
(d) Psi Chi, Probationary Status 10-0-0
(e) Korean Student Association, Chartered Status 10-0-0
(3) Email from Lauren Chapman
(a) MOM meetings are mandatory by TX state law
(b) Organizations were given a chance to have their charter reviewed and thus have a chance to attend a make-up MOM meeting
(c) There are no more MOM meetings this semester
(d) These organizations must lose status so that SMU complies with law – there can be no exceptions
(e) They can reapply to regain their charters immediately

Motion to receive recommendations in block
No second

Motion to block October 13 business

Business from October 13 approved

Bhakti Yoga Club + Hip Hop Dance Club divided from rest in block
After debate, these organizations were regrouped with the others in the committee’s recommendation

Motion to approve block (all of committee’s recommendation)

Everything in committee’s recommendation was approved.
c. Scholarship – Chair Trespalacios:
i. Fall 2011 Scholarship recipients
(1) Read committee recommendations to a closed chamber
(2) Recommendations will be made public next week
(3) Total amount given to recipients is $25,000
(4) Scholarships this semester are between $1000 and $1500
d. Membership – Chair Ladner:
i. New Business
ii. Old Business
(1) Senate vacancies
(a) Dedman II: Matt Alexander 4-0-0, Hiba Ibad 2-1-1
(b) Cox: Jason Carlson 3-0-1
(c) Meadows: Meredith Tavallaee 4-0-0
Committee’s recommendation received in block
e. Scholarship – Chair Trespalacios:
i. No Submission
f. Endowment – Chair Badarak:
i. No Submission
g. Communications – Chair Mansfield:
i. Homecoming Tent
(1) Need help with arranging for food, sponsors, giveaways, etc.
(2) Sign-up for half-hour shifts
(3) Shifts count for office hours
h. Diversity – Chair Hervey:
i. Diversity survey
(1) Survey is available in two parts on the Senate Facebook page
(2) Will compile the data after November 1
(3) Wants people to have more detailed statistics from minority communities
(4) The results of the last survey were allegedly skewed to place minorities at a disadvantage in representation
i. Student Concerns – Chair Malhi:
i. No Report.
j. Endowment – Chair Badarak:
i. No Report.

a. F-11-10-08: A Resolution Concerning Recycling on the Boulevard
This piece requests that recycling bins be placed in fraternity/sorority tents on the boulevard in lieu of the current trash cans. There are to be more recycling bins placed on the lawn for the proper disposal of cups, cans, and bottles.

a. F-11-09-05
Legislation was again tabled to be seen as old business next week.

b. F-11-10-06: A Resolution Regulating the Scheduling of Campus Lawn Care
Authored by Secretary Pool and Chair Ladner. This piece requests that SMU FM&S schedule the mowing of grass in populated areas either in the early mornings or late evenings so that the grass cuttings bother the least number of students possible.

Legislation was passed unanimously.

c. F-11-10-07: A Resolution Encouraging the Creation of More Outdoor Study Facilities
Authored by Secretary Pool and Chair Ladner. This piece requests that SMU create more outdoor study facilities in areas such as behind McElvaney, on the Umphrey Lee patio, and behind the Health Center in the Virginia-Snider/Fine Arts Community quad. It also requests better study facilities in the existing outdoor study areas.

Legislation was passed with no opposition and one abstention.

a. Incentives program for athletic events – President Prentice – In response to the article written by the football player in the Daily Campus last week.
Debate: Prentice: has been bombarded with emails from both sides of the argument – alumni, students, administration, players, etc. There are two problems: first, to get students TO the game, and second, to get students to STAY at the game. Input from Senators: the band should be more proactive in leading the upper half of the boulevard to the game, and the parade should start at the steps of Dallas Hall. Since stamina for a party is 5 hours, shorten the length of the boulevard time and close it early. Athletics should provide in-and-out access. Hold pep rallies before the games. Place more emphasis on and publicize the Mustang Walk. Incentivize games – suggested to have a philanthropy donation to the favorite charity of the “raffle” winner for each game. Students should want to go, regardless of the incentives – right now, they don’t care enough to attend, regardless of whether the team is winning or not. We must start the tradition somewhere – why not have stadium yell the night before the games with famous alumni, prizes, etc.? We must do more than just energize the student body. The athletics department already does a bus brigade for every event. Proposed concerts at halftime or after the games. Implement organizations and form competition – make it an honor to be on the field. Start a tradition similar to the push-ups on the field by the service academies. Clarify who is the leader (right now, there are too many events competing for attention on the field – cheer, pom, band, mini Mustangs, Mustang 11, etc.). Delineate roles for more clarity in the student section. Alumni are asking for us to bring back elected yell leaders. Email President Prentice if you are interested in helping. We have two more home games to turn this around.

a. Watch the game tomorrow!
b. Communication committee needs help with the boulevard tent for Homecoming weekend.


As there was no further business, the Senate adjourned at 5:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Ann Pool
Student Body Secretary

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Meet Yours Simmons Senators!

[NOTE: Simmons Senator Lucy Needham failed to respond to the questionnaire]

Name: Tiffany Hoffman

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): SR

Expected Graduation: May 2012

Major(s): Applied Physiology and Sports Management- Sports Management, Economics

Minors(s): None

Activities/Organization: Head Manager- SMU Women’s Basketball

Honor Society, Leadership or Greek Affiliation?: student senate

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“The opportunity to make a difference on campus and be involved with importation decisions regarding the SMU student body.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“Help organizations receive necessary funding and accreditation on campus. Also to help everyone become more student athlete friendly.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“Game days and the opportunity to show my Mustang spirit!”


Name: Laura Schur

Expected Graduation: 2012

Majors: CCPA, Advertising

Minor: Education

Activities/Organizations: SMU Student Senate, PRSSA

Honors/Leadership/Greek Affiliation: SMU Honors Program, Hunt Scholar, Chi Omega

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“I love the feeling that I have the ability to vote on behalf of my peers, voice my opinion about important matters on the SMU campus, and be a part of the campus community as part of my job of being a Senator.”

What do you hope to achieve as a senator?

“I hope to reach out to my peers, as well as promote awareness about becoming a Simmons Senator as I am in my final year and hope to recruit more students for both the Simmons school and for the SMU Student Senate.

What is your favorite Thing about SMU?

“I love the student community. Whether I’m in Dallas, abroad, or even working with alumni, I’ve found that the Boulevard stretches a lot further than you’d think!”

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Deceased trustees to be honored at SMU Service of Memory

SMU will hold a service of remembering Thursday in Perkins Chapel to honor those in the SMU community who have passed on in the past year. Among those honored are three former trustees: James Thompson, Bishop Monk Bryan, and William Clements.

Thompson was a member of the famous Mustang football team in the 1950s and his wedding was one of the first held in Perkins Chapel. He served on the Board of Trustees during the pay-to-play scandal. He was a Distinguished Alumni and also served as member of the Maguire Energy Institute Board of Directors, the Mustang Club, the Letterman’s Association and a former member of the Law School Board of Visitors. Thompson passed away Nov. 19, 2010.

Bishop Monk Bryan passed away at the age of 97 on Aug. 20, 2011. He attended the SMU Perkins School of Theology and served on the Board of Trustees. The retired United Methodist Church minister and bishop remained active in the religious, social and intellectual activities of the Presbyterian Village North Retirement Community through the last week of his life.

Clements passed away May 29, 2011 at the age of 94 after a brief hospital stay. At SMU, Clements gave gifts in support of the engineering, theology, mathematics and history. He endowed the Clements Department of History and the Clements Center for Southwest Studies. Clements and his wife Rita were also instrumental in acquiring and rebuilding SMU-in-Taos. Clements also served as the chairman of the board from 1967-1973 and then again from 1983 to 1986, most famously during the university’s “Pony-Gate” scandal.

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Meet Your Cox Senators!

[NOTE: Cox Senator Greg Barro did not respond to the questionnaire]

Name: Jack Dawson

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): JR

Expected Graduation: May 2013

Major(s): Finance

Minors(s): Advertising

Activities/organization: Golf, Intramurals

Honor society/leadership/Greek: Cox School of Business Student Senator, Finance Committee Member, Class of 2013 Union Representative, Lambda Chi Alpha

What do you enjoy about being a Senator?

“I enjoy voting on new legislation and affecting visible change on our campus.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“I hope to make the decisions in Senate more transparent to the Cox Community.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“The Boulevard and the easily accessible Dallas community.”


Name: Tyler Harris

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): JR

Expected Graduation: May 2013

Major(s): Financial Consulting and Political Science

Minors(s): History

Activities/Organizations: Debate Team

Honor society/leadership/Greek: Sigma Chi, University Honors Program

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“I enjoy learning about and playing an active role in shaping the future of SMU. I began attending SMU in the last year of our first century and I look forward to being able to shape policy to ensure a successful second century.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

One of my main goals for senate this year is to pass legislation promoting the development of more outdoor study areas for students to utilize. Being in Texas, we have several months of weather that would be great for studying outside. Unfortunately there are not nearly enough study areas to take advantage. I would like to see more tables placed in open areas for students to enjoy.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“My favorite thing about SMU is the opportunities the school offers outside the classroom. Extracurricular activities and Tate Lectures are just a couple of the multitude of opportunities SMU offers. These enrich campus life and make students’ experiences at SMU unique from students at other schools.”


Name: Caroline Langley

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): Junior

Expected Graduation: 2013

Major(s): Business, English

Minors(s): Psychology

Extracurricular Activities: Environmental Society, CUL Student Advisory Board, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Student Senate Finance Committee

Honor society/leadership/Greek: Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, active chaplain of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority

What do you enjoy about being a senator?  

“I’m honored to give voice to my fellow students’ comments, concerns, and ideas.  It’s also incredibly interesting to see how our school functions behind the scenes, and to be a part of making that happen.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?  

“I hope to foster the relationship between the Cox School of Business and the rest of the university, and take part in the allocation of funding for scholarships and student organizations.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?  

“The gorgeous campus and the unified feel of a small, close knit community.  I also love how many unique opportunities our school offers its students, both academic and secular.”


Name: Michael Mitchell

Classification: JR

Expected Graduation: May 2013

Majors: Finance & Psychology

Minor(s): [None]

Extracurricular Activity: Taos Ambassadors, Contributing Writer for the Daily Campus

Honor society/leadership/Greek: Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“I think the coolest part about being on Student Senate is the opportunity to have an impact on the SMU community and serve my fellow students.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“I would really like to work on some legislation this semester that not only helps the student body as a whole, but that is also relevant to my constituents in the Cox School of Business.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“Honestly, the people here are my favorite thing about SMU. They come from so many different backgrounds with some incredible experiences and it’s great to see everybody come together and learn from each other.”


Name: Cameron Skreden

Classification: Sophomore

Expected Graduation: May2014

Major: Accounting

Minor: Spanish

Extracurricular Activities: Senate, SMU Ambassador, Climbing Wall Attendant

Honor Society or Greek Affiliation: Sigma Phi Epsilon

What do you enjoy about being a Cox Senator?

“I enjoy knowing the fact that I am making a difference in students daily lives.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Cox Senator?

“I hope to make some difference by writing a couple pieces of legislation for senate.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“The community that encourages me to push myself to excel in all facets of life.”

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Trustees turn out for Bush Library Topping Out Ceremony

Spencer J. Eggers/ The Daily Campus

The George W. Bush Presidential Center Topping Out Ceremony took place Monday morning and several SMU Board of Trustees members were in attendance.

Trustee Laura Bush held a media briefing prior to the ceremony to discuss the Presidential Center’s LEED certification and some of the work the institute is already working on. Bush chaired the design committee for the center.

“We wanted the building to fit in with SMU, but we also wanted it to represent the first decade of a new century,” Bush said about the building’s Georgian architecture with a modern flair.

Trustee and SMU President R. Gerald Turner spoke about the ceremony as the perfect ending to “a great weekend in Mustang Land,” referring to football’s big win over TCU Saturday.

“This has been a great opportunity to partner with the Bush Institute and the Presidential Center,” Turner said. “It’s a wonderful addition to our campus already.”

Student trustee Adriana Martinez was also involved with the ceremony. She led the invocation.

Board Chair Caren H. Prothro was also in attendance, seated in the front row of the audience.

Monday’s ceremony celebrated the last beam at the top of the highest point of the building being put into place.

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Senate Scholarship Deadline Approaching on Oct 7th

The SMU Student Senate is offering scholarships to undergraduate students who have attended college for at least one semester. If you are interested in applying, please fill out an application here:



Please contact RAMON TRESPALACIOS  at (rtrespalac@mail.smu.edu) for any questions

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Voting Record for Amendment to Increase Funding for Mock Trial

Austin Prentice aye
Alex Ehmke nay
Martha Pool nay
Ted Belden no vote
Alex Morgan nay
Alex Mace nay
Clint Adcox aye
Scott Anderson nay
William Badarak no vote
Greg Barro aye
Nick Bertasi nay
Jack Dawson nay
Parminder Deo aye
Joseph Esau aye
Roza Essaw aye
Monnica Finnegan nay
Tanner Flyckt nay
Rachel Fox no vote
Juan Jose Garcia aye
Christian Genco nay
Alexis Goldberg no vote
Tyler Harris aye
Kian Hervey no vote
Tiffany Hoffman nay
Upama Kadel aye
Sarah Kazmi nay
Devin Kerns nay
Hanna Kim present
Jaimmy Koroma absent
Brad Krocheski nay
Katherine Ladner no vote
Caroline Langley nay
J.D. Mahaffey nay
Jaywin Malhi no vote
Sam Mansfield no vote
Sam Martinez nay
Anthony McAuliffe nay
James Miers aye
Michael Mitchell nay
Lucy Needham nay
William O’Connor aye
Katie O’Neil nay
An Phan nay
Steven Robson aye
Jason Sansone nay
Christoph Schmidt nay
Laura Schur aye
Cameron Skreden aye
Savannah Stephens nay
Ramon Trespalacios no vote
Jeff Whelan nay
Jacob Watts aye
Jingjing Yang nay
Shanitah Young nay

The Senate voted against amending the Mock Trial team’s funding.

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