Voting Record for Amendment to Increase Funding for Mock Trial

Austin Prentice aye
Alex Ehmke nay
Martha Pool nay
Ted Belden no vote
Alex Morgan nay
Alex Mace nay
Clint Adcox aye
Scott Anderson nay
William Badarak no vote
Greg Barro aye
Nick Bertasi nay
Jack Dawson nay
Parminder Deo aye
Joseph Esau aye
Roza Essaw aye
Monnica Finnegan nay
Tanner Flyckt nay
Rachel Fox no vote
Juan Jose Garcia aye
Christian Genco nay
Alexis Goldberg no vote
Tyler Harris aye
Kian Hervey no vote
Tiffany Hoffman nay
Upama Kadel aye
Sarah Kazmi nay
Devin Kerns nay
Hanna Kim present
Jaimmy Koroma absent
Brad Krocheski nay
Katherine Ladner no vote
Caroline Langley nay
J.D. Mahaffey nay
Jaywin Malhi no vote
Sam Mansfield no vote
Sam Martinez nay
Anthony McAuliffe nay
James Miers aye
Michael Mitchell nay
Lucy Needham nay
William O’Connor aye
Katie O’Neil nay
An Phan nay
Steven Robson aye
Jason Sansone nay
Christoph Schmidt nay
Laura Schur aye
Cameron Skreden aye
Savannah Stephens nay
Ramon Trespalacios no vote
Jeff Whelan nay
Jacob Watts aye
Jingjing Yang nay
Shanitah Young nay

The Senate voted against amending the Mock Trial team’s funding.

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