Meet Your Lyle Senators

Name: Joseph Esau

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): Senior

Expected Graduation: May 2012

Major(s): Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Minors(s): N/A

Extracurricular Activities: Student Senate, Alpha Phi Omega, IEEE, Hughes-Trigg Student Center Governing Board

Honor society/leadership/Greek: Chair – Hughes-Trigg Student Center Governing Board, Vice-Chair – IEEE SMU Student Branch, Section 41 Conference Chair – Alpha Phi Omega, Architect – Mustang EMS

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“I enjoy working with students and student organizations on a day to day basis and making sure student organizations have the tools need to be as successful as possible.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“I hope to help fellow Senate members develop the leadership skills and knowledge necessary in order to lead this campus into our Second Century. I also hope to continue achieving the numerous legislative goals I have set out throughout my Senatorial career.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“Basically everything.”


Name: Christian Genco

Classification: Junior

Expected Graduation: 2013

Major: Computer Science (with a Premedical Specialization)

Minor: Business

Extracurricular Acitivites: Intramural Soccer and Basketball, Ballroom Dance Team, Computer Science Senior Mentor and Tutor for Lyle School of Engineering, Principle role in “Sing Song” Musical Competition (Spring ‘11), Webmaster/Historian of Alpha Epsilon Delta Premed Honors Society, Demonstrations Chair of Chemistry Society, Webmaster of SMU Secular Humanist Club, Vice Chair of Senate Finance Committee

Honors: President’s Scholar, University Honors Program, Honor Roll with Distinction (Fall ‘10) and High Distinction (Fall ‘09, Spring ‘10), Beta Theta Pi Man of Principle Scholarship, Deloitte National Leadership Conference, Hyer Society, and Dining with Decision Makers. Selected for membership in: Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society (Spring ‘11), Mortar Board (Spring ‘11), Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computer Science Honor Society (Spring ‘11).

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“It’s a fantastic medium of quickly enacting student-driven change.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“My goals this semester are to drastically increase the efficiency and transparency of senate and the finance committee. This includes moving the voting process to an electronic system and improving the process of requesting funds from the finance committee.”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“My favorite thing about SMU is its openness to change. Especially in its centennial year, SMU is driven to improvement and is always willing to try something a new way.”


Name: Sarah Kazmi

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): Sophomore

Expected Graduation: Spring 2014

Major(s): Environmental Engineering

Minors(s): [No response]

Extracurricular Activities: Senator on Student Senate, ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineering), Webmaster of MSA (Muslim Student Association), ISA (Indian Student Association)

Honor society/leadership/Greek: [No response]

What do you enjoy about being a senator?

“I enjoy listening to fellow Lyle students and representing them in Senate to help get what they need and deserve. I enjoy being able to make a difference for my constituents to the best of my ability.”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“I hope, that as a Lyle Senator, I am able to address any issues or concerns that Lyle students have for the Senate and to make them feel they can easily approach us!”

What is your favorite thing about SMU?

“I love how students at SMU have a voice. If students have any questions and concerns, we are able to be heard and our thoughts can become reality. Also, everyone had a lot school pride which means students really care about their school and hope to make each year a successful one!”


Name: Katie O’Neil

Classification: SO

Expected Graduation: 2014

Major: Environmental Engineering

Activities: Student Senate, Students for A Better Society, Environmental Society, CUL Student Advisory Council

Leadership: AASHE scholar (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in High Education), student guest at Lyle School of Engineering Board Recognition reception

What do you enjoy about being a Senator?

“I enjoy being a voice for my constituents and being an outlet for my peers”

What do you hope to achieve as a Senator?

“I hope to get the changes the Lyle students need, want, and have ideas about.”

What’s your favorite thing about SMU?

“I love how community oriented SMU is. It is so easy to meet people and get involved which I believe is something bigger schools can’t offer.”

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