Minutes for the 9/6 Student Senate Meeting

Order of Business for SMU Student Senate
September 6, 2011

I. Call to Order

3:35 pm

II. Moment of Silence

III. Roll Call

Austin Prentice
Alex Ehmke
Martha Pool
Ted Belden
Alex Morgan
Alex Mace
Clint Adcox Excused
Scott Anderson Excused
William Badarak
Greg Barro
Nick Bertasi
Jack Dawson
Parminder Deo
Joseph Esau
Roza Essaw
Rachel Fox
Juan Jose Garcia
Christian Genco
Alexis Goldberg
Tyler Harris
Kian Hervey
Tiffany Hoffman
Upama Kadel
Sarah Kazmi
Hanna Kim
Jaimmy Koroma
Brad Krocheski
Katherine Ladner
Caroline Langley
Jaywin Malhi
Sam Mansfield
Sam Martinez
Anthony McAuliffe
James Miers
Michael Mitchell
Lucy Needham
Katie O’Neil Excused
An Phan
Steven Robson
Jason Sansone
Christoph Schmidt
Laura Schur
Cameron Skreden Excused
Savannah Stephens
Ramon Trespalacios
Jeff Whelan
Jacob Watts
Jingjing Yang
Shanitah Young Excused

* Secretary’s note on excused absences: all the excused senators contacted Secretary Pool before the meeting with detailed reasons as to their absences from the meeting. Senator Anderson had a death in the family and was attending the funeral, Senator Adcox was delayed in his travels and was unable to make it back in time from being out of town, Senators Young and O’Neil were both ill, and Senator Skreden had mandatory job training that conflicted with the meeting time.

IV. Approval of Agenda

2 corrections – Addition of endowment committee report, and the corrected spelling of “Concerning” in F-11-09-03

V. Approval of Minutes

Last week’s minutes were approved

VI. Speaker’s Podium

Senator Joseph Esau
Dedman I Senators are already doing their job – kudos
Wants to see Senate do well during his senior year
Let’s really make a difference during the centennial year

Harvey Luna
Announce that Spectrum (as representative of SMU) is officially registered in the Dallas
Gay Pride Parade
Dr. David Char – Dean of Simmons School of Education will participate
Joe Hesselton – Meadows admission staff
Sept. 18 – meet at flagpole
Contact Harvey Luna at hluna@smu.edu for more details
Princeton Review rating – the Senate resolution denouncing homophobia passed last year
helped boost Princeton Review ratings
Dallas Voice and other media did receive the news of the resolution passed
Campus Pride – said that SMU is not so homophobic (more comprehensive survey)

VII. Officer Reports
President Prentice
• Football
Administration and team very grateful for support of students/school
Gerald J. Ford said that this (support for the team by students) is why he is
glad to donate to SMU
Glad that we go to SMU rather than “other” school
Please wear nametags on the boulevard this fall
UTEP game on Saturday – 6:00pm, Boulevard starts at 4:00 pm
TCU game is sold out – trying to get some tickets for students
Wants to do Senate tent for homecoming
• Dr. White One-on-One
Discussed grad student relations
Banes reception next Tuesday at 4:00 pm – hiatus from Senate next week
for the reception – details to follow
Turner quadrangle dedicated on Friday at noon
Centennial Hall dedication immediately following
It’s trustee week next week!!

Secretary Pool
• Birthdays
Will celebrate them next week (when the cupcake supplies are in)
• Office Hours
Too many senators did not complete their office hours this week
Office hours are mandatory – failure to do your office hours means that you accrue absences

Austin Prentice Completed
Alex Ehmke *
Martha Pool Completed
Ted Belden Skipped
Alex Morgan Completed
Alex Mace Completed
Clint Adcox Skipped
Scott Anderson Completed
William Badarak N/A
Greg Barro Skipped
Nick Bertasi Skipped
Jack Dawson Completed
Parminder Deo *
Joseph Esau Completed
Roza Essaw Completed
Rachel Fox N/A
Juan Jose Garcia Skipped
Christian Genco *
Alexis Goldberg N/A
Tyler Harris Skipped
Kian Hervey N/A
Tiffany Hoffman Skipped
Upama Kadel Completed
Sarah Kazmi Skipped
Hanna Kim *
Jaimmy Koroma Skipped
Brad Krocheski Completed
Katherine Ladner Completed
Caroline Langley Skipped
Jaywin Malhi N/A
Sam Mansfield N/A
Sam Martinez Skipped
Anthony McAuliffe Completed
James Miers Skipped
Michael Mitchell Completed
Lucy Needham Completed
Katie O’Neil Skipped
An Phan Completed
Steven Robson Skipped
Jason Sansone Skipped
Christoph Schmidt *
Laura Schur Completed
Cameron Skreden Skipped
Savannah Stephens Skipped
Ramon Trespalacios N/A
Jeff Whelan Completed
Jacob Watts Skipped
Jingjing Yang Completed
Shanitah Young Completed

* Note: Senators with asterisks by their names had originally been marked as not doing their office hours for the week, but they talked to Secretary Pool after the meeting and got it corrected. Most did their office hours (or equivalents) but forgot to record them in the binder. Others did their office hours by meeting with constituents outside the office and forgot to come by and record their time. All others who did not present explanations and were marked absent for the week and received a “skipped” designation beside their names.

• Binders/Nameplates
On order – most are here, the rest should be in by next week
Let Secretary Pool know if there are any additional corrections to be made
• Campaign Promises
In keeping with President Prentice’s initiative on transparency, please make sure to follow constitution/by-laws rather than fabricating rules and ad-libbing on the spot – keep Senate CONSITENT
Honor precedent
Do not play “Lone Ranger” and by-pass your teammates – the other elected members of Senate
Ask Secretary Pool if you have any questions on what this reminder specifically refers to
• Senate Photo
It will be next week – please dress nicely (or wear blue)
Speaker Belden
• Agenda
Give him head’s up on reports for the agenda
Preferably by Tuesday morning
Even if you have no report, let him know

VIII. Committee Reports
Finance (Chair Fox)
• New Business
o Graduate Economics Club requested $2,400 for four members to attend the American Economics Association Conference (funded $1,200 for two members)
Vote: 13-1-0
o Graduate Women’s Organization requested $1,180 for four members (2 grads, 2 undergrads) to attend a conference in Atlanta (funded in full)
Vote: 14-0-0
o Student Media Association requested $1,183 to attend RTDNA conference in New Orleans; request was adjusted to $1,040 to meet Finance committee funding standards (funded $590)
Vote: 10-4-0
o Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) requested $3,770 for October conference in Orlando, request was adjusted to $3,180 to meet funding standards (funded in full – $3,180)
Vote: 13-0-1

Endowment (Chair Badarak)
Set up Google doc for endowment committee list
Legislation will be presented this week
Working with trustees
Golf tournament fundraiser is in progress

VIII. New Business
• F-11-09-03
Authored by Badarak, Mace, Prentice
Trying to keep record of senators (present and former)
Going back through public information files to find rosters from previous years
Getting everyone all on one excel spreadsheet
Starting this semester
Start with more recent, go back in time as we can

IX. Old Business
• F-11-08-01 A Resolution Honoring The Services of Clarence “Shorty” Perkins & Alphonso “Buck” Buchanan
Move into debate
Call to question

Vote: unanimously passed

X. Senatorial Forum
XI. Announcements

Website – get your information in THIS WEEK!! (Esau)
Office Hours – do them!! (Pool)
Write Legislation!! (Mace)

XII. Adjournment

4:10 pm

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