Minutes for the 8/30 Student Senate Meeting

Order of Business for SMU Student Senate
August 30, 2011

I. Call to Order

3:31 pm

II. Moment of Silence

III. Roll Call

Austin Prentice
Alex Ehmke
Martha Pool
Ted Belden
Alex Morgan
Alex Mace
Clint Adcox
Alejandra Aguirre Absent
Scott Anderson
William Badarak
Greg Barro
Nick Bertasi
Jack Dawson
Parminder Deo
Joseph Esau
Roza Essaw
Rachel Fox
Juan Jose Garcia
Christian Genco
Alexis Goldberg
Tyler Harris
Kian Hervey
Tiffany Hoffman
Upama Kadel
Sarah Kazmi Excused
Hanna Kim
Jaimmy Koroma
Brad Krocheski
Katherine Ladner
Caroline Langley
Jaywin Malhi
Sam Mansfield
Sam Martinez
Anthony McAuliffe
James Miers
Michael Mitchell
Lucy Needham
Katie O’Neil
An Phan
Steven Robson
Jason Sansone
Christoph Schmidt
Laura Schur
Cameron Skreden Tardy
Savannah Stephens
Ramon Trespalacios
Jeff Whelan
Jacob Watts
Jingjing Yang
Shanitah Young

IV. Approval of Agenda


V. Approval of Minutes


VI. Speaker’s Podium

Ruby Kim – (Korean Student Association)
Multicultural group dedicated to telling everyone about Korean culture
Open to everyone, regardless of ethnicity
Would like to work closely with Senate and become fully chartered this year
For more information, please contact rkim@smu.edu
Weekly meetings are on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm in the Hughes-Trigg Atrium

Andy Garcia – (Student Media Company)
Discussed the merger between the Daily Campus, the Daily Mustang, and the Daily Update
Patricia Boh is providing coverage for Senate meetings for the Daily Campus now
Come talk to student media if you have any questions/concerns
Email contact is Brandon Bub (bbub@smu.edu)

Shirin Tavakoli – (Generation Waking Up)
Global campaign for a just society spearheaded by young people from our generation
Multi-media workshop presentation – “waking-up” experience about the world our
generation inherited and what we can do to make it better
Embrey Human Rights Program is hosting the program on September 8 at 4:00 pm
RSVP by Sept. 5th to stavakoli@smu.edu
Also mentioned the Innocence Project – dedicated to exonerating wrongfully accused
Applications to represent the SMU chapter are available now
Email stavakoli@smu.edu for details

Laura Schur – (Treat-U)
Raise money for your favorite campus charity by receiving food and care packages from
local eateries and shops

Jonathan Machemel/Sami Williams – (Program Council)
Thanks to Senate for support for the Block Party
Over 600 in attendance – huge success and quite popular with the freshmen
Hope to make it an annual event
Battle of the Bands is coming on Oct. 22 – applications available soon
Welcome feedback from senators for making programs better in the future
Email feedback to programcouncil@smu.edu

VII. Officer Reports
President Prentice
• Wants to make Senate more transparent
• Meetings for the week: Libraries
– Met with Council of Library Directors
– CUL leadership retreat is coming up
– Extending/flattening library hours (8 to midnight/Fondren open 24/5)
– Increasing communication between libraries and students
– Streamlining communication about where to go for quiet rooms, study groups, etc.
– Contrary to myth, undergraduate students CAN study in the law library
• Graduate School funding
– will be having upcoming forums for what the funding should be
– fair split/return of fees between Senate and graduate school organizations
• Leadership conference/retreat
– February 4 and 5
– Hosted by Dr. White
– Similar to Mustang Corral (student-wide), but more leadership-geared
– Elections and selections for organizations’ leadership positions happen right after
• Dr. White one-on-ones every week
– Is willing to present on behalf of senate, even if those ideas are not necessarily his own
– Every Tuesday – let Austin know what you want him to share with Dr. White
• Inauguration of new senators
– Clint Adcox, Law Senator
– Jason Sansone, Law Senator
– James Miers, Law Senator
– Jeff Whelan, Dedman II Senator
– Laura Schur, Simmons Senator
Vice President Ehmke
• Senate Liaison Program
– Senate communicates with student organizations through the program
– Every senator has five or six organizations to contact and communicate with
– Senators can trade organizations if they wish, as long as they let VP Ehmke know
• Office Hours
– One hour per week must be spent in the student senate office
– Purpose is to provide someone in the office to answer questions/help students who stop by
– Office hours start this week
– Chairs are not required to do office hours, but it is strongly recommended
Secretary Pool
• Binders and nametags are on their way
• Absence Policy
– Required to do office hours every week (except chairs)
– Attendance at all senate meetings is mandatory
– If you must be late/absent, email Secretary Pool BEFORE the meeting with the reason that you will be late/absent. The petition for an excused tardy/absence will be voted on by the exec committee.
– Senators receive tardys if they come in late after their name is called during roll. If a senator comes to the meeting more than twenty minutes after the meeting has begun and does not already have an excused absence, that senator will be counted absent for the entire meeting.
– Two missed office hours count as an absence
– Two missed committee meetings count as one absence
– Two tardys also count as one absence
– If a senator receives two or more absences, he or she will be brought before the exec committee to decide whether or not an impeachment hearing will be called
– Please attend meetings; please do your office hours. Exec does not want to have to ask anyone to leave Senate this year.
• Roster
– Am updating the roster
– Passing it around the chamber for senators to fill out and complete
– Please provide any missing information/correct any incorrect information
– Please also include your birthday so that we can make senate meetings a little more fun by celebrating each week
• Office Hours
– Make sure you sign and date the roster in the black binder on the table in the Senate office when you do your weekly office hour in order to get credit for your time
• Email Webmaster Esau ASAP with:
– Name
– Senate title
– Classification (year in school)
– Hometown
– Email address
– Major(s)/minor(s)
– Personal statement (goals for the year)
– A recent photo of yourself
– This is so your constituents can easily find their respective senators and contact them with questions/comments/concerns
• Mailboxes
– Every senator has a mailbox located in the Senate office on the Third Floor of Hughes-Trigg (located in the back of the SAMSA office)
– Please check your mailboxes for flyers and messages from senate/constituents
Parliamentarian Morgan
• Dress code
– Business casual is the minimum
– Match the professionalism of the speakers
– You never know when President Turner or another speaker of similar importance will be here to speak
• Suspending the Rules
– Moves new business to old business to bypass the one-week waiting period
– Motion requires a second/non-debatable
Chief of Staff Mace
• Committee Assignments
– Will be emailed out (included in the email from Secretary Pool to senators)
VIII. Committee Reports

Organizations (Chair Goldberg)
• Goals
– make sure that committee members read the student handbook
– have a set of questions prepared ahead of time to ask the organization
• Meeting time
– 3:30 pm on Thursdays
• New Business
o none
• Old Business
o none

Student Concerns (Chair Malhi)
• Goals
– Pound the Pavement survey – fall/spring (paper/electronic)
– Please submit questions for the survey
– Continue Townhall Meetings (1 per semester – include food and prizes)
– Contact all of the different organizations on campus
– Follow-up with students better
• Meeting time
– 3:30 pm on Thursdays

Membership (Chair Ladner)
• Goals
– All general members and vacancies filled by September 30
– First Year results released on September 8
– Election code changes will be made in the fall rather than in the spring
– Do not help with first year elections
• Meeting time
– Thursdays at 6:00 pm

Scholarship (Chair Trespalacios)
• Goals
– Put the word out about scholarship committee
– Website
– Increase the number of applications
– Applications done online
– Study Abroad Scholarship for summer
• Meeting time
– after Senate on Tuesdays

Endowment (Chair Badarak)
• Goals
– Establish a solid committee in Senate
– Reach out to alumni/former exec members/former senators
– Build a quality website
– Have fundraising events
– Meeting with Arlene Manthey/JJ to establish goals for committee
• Meeting time
– Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

Communications (Chair Mansfield)
• Goals
– Design most pragmatic line of communications possible
– Send emails to entire student body
– Template for all student organization advertisements
– Format template for senate website
– Establish legislation rating system accessible to entire student body
– Make students feel more connected to senate
• Meeting time
– Thursdays at 3:30 pm

Diversity (Chair Hervey)
• Goals
– Recruitment of minorities
– Retention
– Collective minority voice rather than competition/independent groups
• Meeting time
– Thursdays at 3:30 pm

Finance (Chair Fox)
• Goals
– Making the funding process ultra-transparent
– Making everything online for easy access
– Semester budgets are new – will be a trial and error process
– Reduce the amount of money returned to the university at the end of the year so that Senate can legitimately ask for more money to allocate
– Publicize the website
• Meeting time
– Thursdays at 3:30 pm
• New Business
o none
• Old Business
o none

VIII. New Business
• F-11-08-01
– Honorarium for two men who worked at SMU for 87 years collectively
– Tribute to their dedication and service
– Motion to suspend the rules and receive as old business
– Motion passed
• F-11-08-02
– Honorarium recognizing the service of Fred and Judith Banes
– Judith founded the Boulevard, supervises the Peruna program, initiated the Dedman Center renovations, etc.
– Fred facilitates outdoor events, coordinates with the Bush Library, etc.
– Motion to suspend the rules and receive as old business
– Motion passed
IX. Old Business
• F-11-08-01
– Resolution TABLED until next week
• F-11-08-02
– Resolution passed
– Vote was unanimous except for Senator Genco, who abstained


X. Senatorial Forum
XI. Announcements

Salsa night
APO info sessions
Committee meetings start THIS WEEK!!
First football game on Sunday against A & M (stop by the Senate-funded tailgate tent on the
ROTC parade field)
Email Senator Esau ASAP if you have not already emailed him

XII. Adjournment

4:36 pm

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