Meet your Parliamentarian and Chief of Staff!

Name: Alex Morgan

Senate Position: Parliamentarian

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): Junior

Expected Graduation:2013

Major(s): Political Science and Religious Studies

Minor(s): History

Activities/Organizations You’re Involved in at SMU:

“Along with being the Parliamentarian of SMU’s Student Senate, I am also a member the school’s debate team and sing in the a cappella group Southern Gentleman.”

Club/Greek/Honor Society Affiliation(s):

“I am a member of the Honors Program and also a pre-law scholar.  The Honors Program has offered me a number of great opportunities, including a chance to conduct a Richter Fellowship research project this summer in London.”

What do you enjoy about being on Senate?

“The most rewording part of being a Senator is, of course, helping out my fellow students.  SMU has afforded me a number of wonderful opportunities, so I feel it is important to give a little back to the campus.  The Senate has certainly been a great place to do that and I look forward to the agenda President Prentice has laid out for this coming semester.”

What do you hope to achieve as the Parliamentarian?

“The Senate hosts a number of speakers from different organizations and departments around campus.  These speakers are often asking the Senate for substantial sums of money or key endorsements of their ideas.  It is thus paramount that the Senate treat these guests with the respect and professionalism they deserve.  As Parliamentarian, I hope to ensure fair treatment of all who come before the Senate by making certain the Chamber follow the rules of our founding documents.  Adhering to these rules guarantees a higher level of credibility and provides students a safer environment in which they may address their representatives.”

What’s your favorite thing about SMU?

“My favorite part of SMU is the staff’s willingness to help and get to know the students.  Throughout my two years here I have been lucky enough to build a personal relationship with a number of my professors and feel it would have been much more difficult to do this at a bigger school.”


Name: Alex Mace

Senate Position: Chief of Staff

Classification (FR, SO, JR, SR): Junior

Expected Graduation: May 2013

Major(s): Political Science, Economics, and Spanish

Minor(s): None

Activities/Organizations You’re Involved in at SMU: Student Senate, Student Foundation Ambassador, SMU-in-Taos Ambassador, RUF, and Sigma Phi Epsilon

Club/Greek/Honor Society Affiliation(s): Tower Center Undergraduate Research Fellow, Robert S. Hyer Society, University Honors Program, and Alpha Lambda Delta

What do you enjoy about being on Senate?

“The best part about being a senator, especially after doing it for some time now, is the ability to help others accomplish their goals and make their efforts a success. You see a lot of students who are interested in doing big things here on campus but that may or may not know the best route to receive funding or gain chartership for their organization.  Having the opportunity to not only hear those stories but actually make them happen – that’s the greatest part about serving on Senate.”

What do you hope to achieve as Chief of Staff?

“Senate runs effectively only when it can establish reliable lines of communication between those in need and those with the power to meet that need. That goes for all levels of the organization, both internally and externally. Miscommunication as to a certain committee’s jurisdiction or the needs of particular student groups can lead to debilitating inefficiencies in our student government. As Chief of Staff, I will work to make our committees more effective by encouraging our chairpersons to be goal-oriented, grounded in student opinion, and reliant on the expertise of their fellow committee chairpersons to accomplish their often-overlapping goals.”

What’s your favorite thing about SMU?

“My favorite thing about SMU is opportunity. Over the last three years, I’ve had the chance to do everything from study abroad programs and SMU-in-Taos to independent research and exposure to countless extraordinary intellectuals through the Tate Lecture Series. This university encourages and rewards student initiative, and that’s why I love it.”

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