Your Quick Recap: The April 5 Student Senate Meeting

Here’s the live-blog.

A change from something I said on the live-blog: We’ll have details on the LGBT seat legislation in Monday’s print product. Tomorrow’s issue will feature changes to the Student Code of Conduct, as well as presentations to Senate on school spirit and student housing.*

Student Senate voted to approve those revisions to the Student Code of Conduct. Here they are:

Chief of Staff Alex Mace was named Student Senator of the Month.

Senate voted to approve temporary charters for Mustang Transfers and the Middle Eastern Students Association.

Senate also approved the Organization Committee’s decision to deny the African Students Association a temporary charter, as they did not have the minimum 12 students who actively came to meetings. Chair Bethany Mackingtee told Senate she’s working with them on reapplying for a temporary charter.

Senate voted to table four appeals in the fall budget process until next week, as the Finance Committee will meet with some of the organizations this week:

  • The Finance Committee decided to reallocate APO’s $2,000 budget for their 75th anniversary instead of a charity, as the anniversary was their most important event.
  • Men’s Soccer’s $840 budget for new jerseys stayed the same after its appeal.
  • PC Concerts’ $41,500 budget was changed to $0 because of “fund mismanagement and other reasons,” according Finance Chair Janet Leung during the meeting.
  • Women in Science and Engineering’s budget was increased after the committee’s original decision was reversed in an appeal. It increased from $0 to $280. Leung said the committee “gave them what we could.”

I’m trying to get more information from Leung about these appeals, so be on the lookout for that either on this blog or in print.

Senate approved four funding requests:

The Bhakti Yoga Club was funded $65 for a showing of the documentary “The Edge of Dreaming.” They had originally requested $65, and Finance Committee (FC) recommended funding in full.

The International Law Review Association was funded $600 for a trade symposium that the School of Law is hosting. They had originally requested $600, and FC recommended funding in full.

The Vietnamese Students Association was funding $970 for their VSA Family Outing Event, which is a collaboration with UTD and UTA. They had originally requested $970, and FC recommended funding in full.

Relay for Life was funded $4,190 for Relay for Life. They had originally requested $6,090, but FC recommended to fund $4,190 (they chose not to fund for some things, like golf carts).

And finally, Sen. Harvey Luna (along with Student Body Secretary Katie Perkins and Sens. Soniyyah Blue (Perkins) and Rachel Fox (Dedman II)) has finally introduced his legislation to add a Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Senator. More info Monday, but we’ll post a copy of the legislation ASAP.

Here are the Meeting Minutes:

[to be posted ASAP after I get them]

*The reasoning behind this is that Monday’s issue will preview Tuesday’s meeting, and we want tomorrow’s story to focus on the SCoC vote, since it was an actual vote. But we’ll still have information on the LGBT seat published before Senate votes on it, so if you want to go speak about it to Senate you can.

(Thus ends your brief glimpse into the editorial decision-making that goes into each print product. Come up to the newsroom and hang out on Sundays, Tuesdays or Thursdays if you want to see the entire thing.)


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