Your Quick Preview: The April 5 Student Senate Meeting

Here’s a quick look at what Senate will be voting on at its next meeting.

Student Body Secretary Katie Perkins presented the recommendations from the Student Code of Conduct Committee on proposed revisions at the March 29 meeting. Senate will vote on this on April 5.

Two organizations  are up for temporary charters: Mustang Transfers and the Middle Eastern Students Association.

One organization, African Students Association, was denied a request for a temporary charter because they didn’t have enough people showing up to their meetings.

Organizations Chair Bethany Mackingtee was quick to point out that their listed six attendees fell short of the minimum of 12 (and that that was the reason her committee didn’t recommend approving their request). She told Senate that ASA has been advised to reapply once they get that number up.

Senate will vote on four funding requests:

The Bhakti Yoga Club is requesting $65 for a showing of the documentary “The Edge of Dreaming.” Finance Committee (FC) recommends funding in full.

The International Law Review Association is requesting $600 for a trade symposium that the School of Law is hosting. FC recommends funding in full.

The Vietnamese Students Association is requesting $970 for their VSA Family Outing Event, which is a collaboration with UTD and UTA. FC recommends funding in full.

Relay for Life is requesting $6,090 for Relay for Life. FC recommends funding $4,190


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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