Student Senate Elections: Daily Campus Endorsements

The Daily Campus endorsements will be in tomorrow’s print product (and posted online shortly here).

Here is where I note that I, an editorial board member, refrained from the entire process because I cover Student Senate for the paper.

Who did the Editorial Board endorse? Well, we’re not telling just yet. Austin Prentice, Alex Ehmke and Martha Pool.

One person was lucky enough to hear the endorsements earlier than anyone else: President R. Gerald Turner.

Opinon Editor Adriana Martinez’s account of the incident:

I was anxiously mentally preparing for the Tate Lecture Series dinner where I would be giving an address when I was motioned to greet the Tate Lecture speakers and President Turner. Because the moderator of tonight’s Tate Lecture, Kevun Ann Willey, works at the Dallas Morning News on the Editorial page, President Turner mentioned that I am the current Opinion Editor of the Daily Campus.

Wanting to say something in response, I mentioned that we had just finished choosing our endorsements for the Student Body Officer elections. At this, President Turner looked intrigued. He immediately asked me whom we had decided to endorse. I very respectfully responded that our decision would be in tomorrow’s paper. Hearing this, he promised that he would not say anything before then.

I was unsure what to do – on the one hand, I felt some obligation to say nothing until the paper hit the stands; on the other, former Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, Mr. Geoffrey Canada, Ms. Willey, Mr. Bob Rowling, and Dr. and Mrs. Turner were waiting anxiously.

In the split second that I considered this ethical dilemma, I concluded that it was safe to trust President Turner with the big secret. He seemed content with the endorsement and pleased to have inside information.

Just goes to show that even the President of the University is excited about the upcoming elections.


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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