Meet Your 2011-12 African-American Senator Candidate

Up next in the Student Senate candidate showcase: African-American Senator candidate Shanitah Young.

Andrew Udofa has originally signed up to run, but later dropped out because of a class conflict.

Therefore Young is running unopposed. Info after jump (a photo was not provided at the time of publication).

Name: Shanitah Young

Classification: Sophomore

Expected Graduation: 2013

Major(s): Biology (pre-med)

Minor(s): Ethnic Studies and Spanish

Campaign Website: None Found

Activities/Organizations You’re Involved In at SMU: Organizations committee, Special K, Sisters Supporting Sisters, Alternative Breaks (Fundraising Chair)

Why are you running for African-American Senator?

I was encouraged to do so by the current senator. Not to mention, after sitting in on a senate meeting and NOT being able to vote made me want to get involved.

What do you hope to accomplish as African-American Senator if you’re elected?

I would simply like to ensure that organizations on campus that deal with or are related to the African American Student have a voice. I would also like to ensure that as African American student the voices of our African Students, like those in ASA, are heard as well.

[Ed. note: I had also asked “Why should SMU students vote for you?”; “What’s your favorite thing about SMU?”; and “What, if anything, needs to change at SMU?” Young did not answer them.]


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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3 Responses to Meet Your 2011-12 African-American Senator Candidate

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  2. actually the editors note questions were not in the email i received.

  3. Just wanted to clarify! Don’t want my constituents thinking I’m a slacker lol 🙂

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