Your Quick Recap: The March 22 Student Senate Meeting

Here’s the live-blog.

This was a short meeting (the shortest I’ve ever seen), so this will be a short recap.

Student Concerns Chair Martha Pool discussed today’s Town Hall Meeting and provided the times for the next two meetings: Thursday, March 24 at 5 p.m. in the Umphrey Lee cafeteria (Faculty Club) and Wednesday, March 30 at 4 pm in the Hughes-Trigg Commons.

Student Senate approved four funding requests from their March 8 meeting. Here is where I must apologize for incorrectly reporting that they had been passed at the meeting after the rules were suspended. Only the request from the International Relations Club was passed last week through suspension of the rules.

With that in mind:

  • The Chaplain’s office was funded $4,415. They had requested $4,415 for the Civil Rights Pilgrimage. FC recommended funding in full.
  • The Black Law Students Association was funded $870. They had requested $1,740 for their national convention. FC recommended funding $870, according to standards (they usually only fund for two people).
  • Club Volleyball was funded $0. They had requested $2,376 so that they could go to a national tournament. FC recommended funding $0.
  • Victory Campus Ministry (PULSE) was funded $7,920. They had requested $7,920 to attend a Christian leadership conference. FC recommended funding in full.

Student Senate passed Resolution S-11-03-18, A Resolution encouraging the USA Today/New York Times Pilot Readership Program. Read about the bill here.

In tomorrow’s print product: Football player Kelvin Beachum spoke during Speaker’s Podium and proposed that Senate consider adding a special interest seat for student athletes. I’ll have his arguments and Senate’s reactions.

Meeting Minutes:


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