Meet Your 2011-12 Student Body Secretary Candidate

Campaign season is in full swing now, so why not learn a little something about the candidates?

I’ll be posting photos and questionnaires from each of the candidates as the week goes on (and I can get everyone to email me back).

We’ll start off with Martha Pool, the only person running for Student Body Secretary (Future posts will have multiple candidates). Her stuff is after the jump.


Name:  Martha Pool

Classification: Freshman

Expected Graduation: May 2014

Major(s): Accounting and Political Science

Minor(s): Economics

Activities/Organizations You’re Involved In at SMU: Student Senate (Student Concerns Committee Chair and Cox Senator), Emerging Leaders, Vice Publicity Chair of the SMU Political Science Symposium, Student Ambassador to the University Admissions Council (Fall 2010), Issues Chair of the Virginia-Snider Honors Community Council, Program Council, Intramurals (Basketball Referee, Virginia-Snider Co-Rec basketball team, Student Senate softball team), SMU ESL volunteer.

Awards/Honors You’ve Been Given at SMU: Honor Roll with High Distinction (Fall Semester 2011), National Merit Scholar, Edwin and Louise Jordan Scholarship, Cox BBA Scholar, University Honors Program.

Why are you running for Student Body Secretary?

SMU needs a Student Body Secretary who is organized, detail-oriented, and attentive to the interests and concerns of the student body.  I care very much about SMU and its future, and I believe that by faithfully representing the student body both inside and outside the Student Senate chamber, I can help to make a great school even better.

What do you hope to accomplish as SBS if you’re elected?

Do an outstanding job of maintaining Student Senate records, assist Student Senate in writing and passing pieces of legislation that will benefit the entire SMU community, help the Executive Committee to ensure that legislation passed by Student Senate is carried out and acted upon, vote in the Senate chamber on behalf of the entire student body, revise the Student Code of Conduct, and serve the SMU student body by being the best secretary that I can possibly be.

What’s your campaign slogan (if you have one)?

Improve Our School, Vote for Martha Pool (tentative)

Why should SMU students vote for you?

SMU students should vote for me because I enthusiastically desire make a positive difference in the SMU community.  By voting for a candidate who has lots of campus involvement and Senate experience and is committed to being the best Student Body Secretary possible, students have the opportunity to make a great school even better.

What’s your favorite thing about SMU?

My favorite thing about SMU is the incredible opportunities that the university and its location provide: world-class professors, outstanding job and internship opportunities, innumerable ways to get involved and give back to the community, caring and personable staff and administration, and famous visiting dignitaries and speakers, to name just a few.

[Ed. note: I had also asked “What, if anything, needs to change at SMU?” Pool did not answer the question.]


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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