Your (redesigned) Quick Recap: March 8 Student Senate Meeting

It became pretty apparent last week that my “quick recaps” needed some work. With that in mind, I’m tweaking them by excluding things that will be voted on the following week. Those will be in a later post.

With that being said…

Here’s the live-blog.

Senate nominated and approved senators and chairs to serve on the Election Appeals Board, per the bylaws’ mandate. This board would only meet if someone appealed the election. All members are people who aren’t running in March’s general elections.

On the board: Student Body President Jake Torres, Diversity Chair Jasmine Carr, Finance Chair Janet Leung, Organizations Chair Bethanny Mackingtee, Sen. Alex Ehmke (Dedman II), Sen. Rachel Fox (Dedman II), Sen. Catherine Essig (African-American), Sen. Jieun Pyun (International) and Sen. Scott Rogers (Law).

Senate approved temporary charters for Vegetarians Taking Action and Relay for Life. They also approved a probationary charter for the Robotics Club.

Senate was getting ready to approve the Membership Committee’s recommendations for Finance Chair (Rachel Fox), Finance Vice-Chair (Christian Genco), Organizations Chair (Alexis Goldberg) and Organizations Vice-Chair (Alexa Dow), but a quick parliamentary discussion found that Senate doesn’t approve them.

Senate decided to postpone inauguration of those people until the end of the year, so the current senators can serve a full term.

Senate also approved eight four funding recommendations, five of which were introduced during the meeting (they suspended the rules and voted on them a week early because of Spring Break—the next Senate meeting is in two weeks).

Details on those requests, as well as the meeting minutes, follow the jump.

In tomorrow’s print product: details on the Election Code revisions and the passing of bills concerning the Use of Grounds Form and the Student Senate Endowment Committee.

The International Relations Council requested $5,475 for the World Model United Nations in Singapore. The Finance Committee recommended funding in full.

This request was originally introduced last week, but then withdrawn because one of their funding sources pulled out. They weren’t sure if they could go after that and didn’t want Senate to fund them if they weren’t going to be able to go. The funding request was reintroduced this week because they found out they could go.

The Chaplain’s office was funded $4,415. They had requested $4,415 for the Civil Rights Pilgrimage. FC recommended funding in full.

The Black Law Students Association was funded $870. They had requested $1,740 for their national convention. FC recommended funding $870, according to standards (they usually only fund for two people).

Club Volleyball was funded $0. They had requested $2,376 so that they could go to a national tournament. FC recommended funding $0.

Victory Campus Ministry (PULSE) was funded $7,920. They had requested $7,920 to attend a Christian leadership conference. FC recommended funding in full.

[Ed. note 3/22/11: These four requests were not approved until March 22.]

The Dedman School of Law—Women in Law was funded $1,000. They requested $1,000 to attend a conference in Los Angelos, California. Finance Committee recommended funding in full.

This recommendation came afer the FC originally recommended funding $0. They reconsidered the request after a complaint was filed.

SMU Democrats was funded $660. They requested $660 for the Texas Young Democrats/Texas College Democrats Convention. FC recommended funding in full.

The Philosophy Club was funded $1,080. They requested $2,160 to bring in two guest speakers. FC recommended funding $1,080 because they were concerned that the group couldn’t attract the audiences. They recommended funding for one event to see how it goes before they fund another.

The FC revisited this recommendation after a complaint was filed but made no changes to their recommendation.

Here are the meeting minutes:


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