Your Quick Recap: The Feb. 22 Student Senate Meeting

Here’s the live-blog.

Student Senate approved a recommendation from the Organizations Committee to grant Phi Alpha Delta charter status. Recommendations regarding the charters of Guitar Club and the Graduate Women’s Organization were tabled for the second week.

New Membership Chair Katherine Ladner and Lyle Senator Katie O’Neil were inaugurated today.

Student Senate also nominated and voted on candidates for the Students Association Awards.

Chief of Staff Alex Mace handed out committee assignments to new senators today. They are:

  • Harvey Luna – Finance and Diversity
  • Jamison Joiner – Student Concerns
  • Hiba Ibad – Student Concerns
  • Brandon Pflueger – Organizations
  • Tiffany Hoffman – Organizations
  • Justin Amos – Communication
  • Alex Morgan – Scholarship
  • John Harris – Finance
  • Elizabeth Miller – Membership

Senate voted to fund the Association for Public Interest Law $2,215 and the National Pan-Hellenic Council $600.

Up for vote next week:

Anthropology Club is requesting $990 for a spring lecture and pig roast. Finance Committee recommends funding $760.

Omega Psi Phi is requesting $728 to pay for the AV/Tech for their annual Miss Omega Psi Phi Scholarship Pageant. The money for the actual scholarships will be from their bank account.

The Dedman School of Law’s Women in Law requested $1,000 (they actually requested upwards of $2,000, but FC changed it to adhere to standards) so that they can send people to a national conference. FC recommends funding $0 because the conference isn’t required and the group wants to send two graduating seniors.

Philosophy Club is requesting $2,160 for two guest speakers. FC recommends funding one of the speakers for $1,080. There were concerns that the events couldn’t attract an audience, although the Philosophy Club said they thought the speakers would bring in guests and that they would do more to promote the events.

Two new bills were listed in this week’s new business: A Resolution Creating The “Student Senate Endowment Committee” and “A Resolution to Support LGBT Students at SMU.” However, the Endowment bill’s authors withdrew the bill from consideration and Luna tabled his bill until next week.

Student Senate passed a resolution codifying the Student Senate Affiliate Program and Senatorial Responsibilities. I’ll have more information on that in tomorrow’s print product.


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Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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