Your Quick Recap: The Feb. 8 Student Senate Meeting

Here’s the live-blog.

Senate approved the Membership Committee’s recommendations for new senators (and added Communications Chair Eric Sandoval). Student Body President Jake Torres appointed Sen. Martha Pool (Cox) as the new Student Concerns Chair. Former Chair Mamadou Diallo stepped down from his position.

New funding requests:

  • Spectrum requested $3,460 so that members could go to a conference. FC recommended funding $2,260.
  • Mustang Heroes requested $2,730 to pay for rental vans to take volunteers to a Headstart program on a weekly basis. FC recommended funding $2,145.
  • SPARC-Alternative Spring Breaks requested $17,500 for this year’s round of trips. FC recommended funding in full.
  • Program Council-Concerts requested $10,000 to pay for A/V tech for the upcoming Ke$ha concert. FC recommended funding in full.

Finance Chair Janet Leung requested that Senate suspend the rules and vote on the new funding requests today, as they were supposed to be presented last week. Senate did so and approved the requests.

New business from the Organization Committee to be voted on next Tuesday:

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is up for chartered status. The Marketing Association, the Middle Eastern Student Association and the African Student Association are up for probationary charters.

Roll Call Votes for Sen. Alex Ehmke’s (Dedman II) budget bill:

  • Torres, Jake: Nay
  • Prentice, Austin: Aye
  • Perkins, Katie: Aye
  • Esau, Joe: Nay
  • Mace, Alex: Aye
  • Gaasbeck, Joe: No Vote
  • Abiye, Aden: Absent
  • Aguirre, Alejandra: Aye
  • Badarak, William: No Vote
  • Belden, Ted: Aye
  • Boulos, Michael: Absent
  • Carr, Jasmine: No Vote
  • Coia, David: Aye
  • Dao, Ann: Aye
  • Davidson, Wes: Aye
  • Dawson, Jack: Aye
  • De Santiago, Pablo: Absent
  • Deo Parminder: Abstain
  • Diallo, Mamadou: Absent
  • Dow, Alexa: Aye
  • Ehmke, Alex: Aye
  • Essaw, Roza: No Vote
  • Essig, Catherine: Aye
  • Farzal, Zaenab: Aye
  • Fox, Rachel: Aye
  • Genco, Christian: Aye
  • Ishmael, Jonathan: Aye
  • Ladner, Katherine: Aye
  • Leung, Janet: No Vote
  • Mackingtee, Bethany: No Vote
  • Malhi, Jaywin: Aye
  • Mansfield, Sam: Aye
  • Martinez, Angela: Absent
  • Maturino, Christina: Aye
  • Pool, Martha Ann: Aye
  • Pyun, Jieun: Aye
  • Ray, Shana: Aye
  • Rogers, Scott: Absent
  • Saunders, Michael: Absent
  • Schmidt, Christoph: Aye
  • Sharp, Jason: Absent
  • Trespalacios, Ramon: Aye

Final tally: 25 for, 2 against, 2 abstentions

I’ll have more information on Senate’s passing of the budget and A+ bills in tomorrow’s print product.

Here are the meeting minutes:


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Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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