Jake Torres Speaks to Texas A&M Student Senate

Student Body President Jake Torres traveled to Texas A&M yesterday to speak to their Student Senate about a bill that was up for a final vote (it had originally passed, then their Student Body President vetoed it).

You can watch Torres’ speech here, as Texas A&M kindly provides a livestream of their Student Senate meeting. He starts around the 00:22:20 mark.

I’ll post the full text of what he said later, as the video does not want to work on this computer, and thus, I can’t transcribe it.

Torres had said before he went down to A&M that it wouldn’t be in an official capacity. However, he did mention his role as SBP in his speech, which could suggest he was speaking for SMU. Does he think that implied that he was speaking for the students of SMU?

“I do not,” he emailed me. “I do hold that title. And I did so to tell them who I am and let them know I understand student gov. but I did not say I want to express the opinions of smu the smu student body etc… I didn’t say I am here to represent, provide the viewpoints etc…”

What do you think?

Partial text of his speech:

My name is Jake Torres. I am a senior at Southern Methodist University. I am a double major in English and Spanish. I have the privilege of serving as the Student Body President of SMU this year. I came to speak to my opposition to SB 63-11. I do have the same passion as the speaker that came before me, but I want to state that in my opinion…


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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