Funding Request Brings Up Debate on Policy

Senators argued over a funding request during their Tuesday meeting and debated when organizations should request additional funding.

Senators disagreed over Finance Chair Janet Leung’s preference that organizations should spend the money in their accounts on events they’re hosting now rather than saving it for future events.

The debate began because the Finance Committee recommended that Senate fund $0 to the Muslim Student Assocation for their annual Fast-a-Thon because they had enough in their account to cover the event. Senate eventually passed that recommendation, after failing to pass amendments with higher amounts of $1,800 and $900.

The MSA argued that they had been budgeted that amount to use for one of their spring events and asked Senate to fund their request so that they could host the Fast-a-Thon. Leung and the Finance Committee asked MSA to go ahead and spend the money in their account and then come back to Senate if they needed money later in the year.

Leung said many organizations save the money in their accounts for events at a future date while requesting funds to pay for events earlier in the year. In the end, she said, they end up giving a lot of money back to SMU. Leung said this is a problem because the money could have been given to another organization who needed it.

Diversity Chair Jasmine Carr disagreed with the finance committee’s request that MSA come back later in the year.

“Basically what we’re asking them to do is spend all their money and then come back during the spring semester and hope that they can be funded,” she said.

Dedman II Senator Sam Mansfield agreed with the committee recommendation.

“You don’t load a gun and then load bullets on top of your bullets,” he said.


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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