Senate Revoked 12 Charters: How Do the Senators Feel?

During Tuesday’s meeting, Senate effectively revoked 12 charters. The process sparked much discussion among senators.

I would have liked to include it in my story in the print product, but space didn’t permit it. So what did senators say? Most felt that they should approve the organization committee’s recommendations.

But both the Medieval Club and Marketing Association spoke to Senate Tuesday. Student Body President Jake Torres argued that Senate should debate those recommendations because they came to Senate.

“I think if organizations come in, I think we should at least debate them,” he said.

Meadows senator Shana Ray told Senate it didn’t appear that the Medieval Club was actually using the resources a charter offers. Dedman II senator Kellie Spano felt that having the club go through the charter process again would be best.

Dedman II senator Rachel Fox felt that the Marketing Association although didn’t do many events on campus, their off-campus events should have saved their charter. Mackingtee said the Association seemed disorganized and contradictory.

Parliamentarian Joseph Esau and International Senator Jieun Pyun opposed Senate’s actions.

Esau felt that the organizations should be given the benefit of the doubt and allowed to attend a makeup MOM meeting. Pyun said she feels that Senate should support student organizations instead of “making enemies” of them.

“It’s our responsibility to help them,” she said, adding that she wants to make sure that future senators talk to organizations and help guide them through the process.


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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