The Top 10 Highest Paid Employees at SMU

I’ll have a story in tomorrow’s print product about the highest paid employees at SMU. But first, a sneak peek of the top 10 (ranked in order from highest to lowest).

This data is gathered from SMU’s 2009 tax return [PDF].

  1. R. Gerald Turner, President
  2. June Jones, Head Football Coach
  3. S. Leon Bennett, Former General Counsel
  4. Matt Doherty, Head Basketball Coach
  5. Steve Orsini, Athletic Director
  6. Albert Niemi Jr., Dean of Cox School of Business
  7. William Dillon, Cox Associate Dean and Professor
  8. Paul Ludden, Provost
  9. Phil Bennett, Former Head Football Coach
  10. Amit Basu, Cox Professor

Pick up a copy of the print product tomorrow for more details.


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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One Response to The Top 10 Highest Paid Employees at SMU

  1. Sounds like a Flournoy story. Get it! This stuff is so interesting and not well known

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