Some Tidbits from Tuesday’s Student Senate


Senate funded:

  • Women’s Basketball – $0 (originally requested $600)
  • Hip-Hop Dance Club – $188.00 (originally requested $187.53)
  • Spectrum – $850.00 (originally requested $1,000.00)

Up for Vote Next Week:

  • PC Spirit – $638.00 (originally requested $938.00)
  • ABS – $638.00 (originally requested $1,600.00)
  • Anthropology Club – $170.00 (originally requested $2,646.00)
  • Asian Council – $1,185.00 (originally requested $1,305.00)


Senate voted to grant the Hip Hop Dance Club charter status.

Up for vote next week:

  • Vote to revoke charters of AIESEC, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Art History Club, Christian Science College Organization, Dance Club, Democracy Matters, Medieval Club, Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Athlete Advisory Committee for “failure to attend MOM and turn in requested materials.”
  • Vote to not allow the Middle Eastern Student Association to attend a makeup MOM. According to Chair Bethany Mackingtee, MESA submitted their information, but lacked signatures that were needed. Mackingtee said the committee felt it would be better for the organization to start over, as they blamed the mishap on their advisor and the old executive board. MESA isn’t fully chartered; it has a temporary charter.
  • Vote to not allow Music Educators National Conference to attend makeup MOM. Chair Mackingtee explained that they don’t have the minimum of 12 members and they only meet once a year.
  • Vote to not allow Marketing Association to attend makeup MOM. Mackingtee said they submitted their information late, don’t have a clear purpose and are not utilizing privileges.
  • Vote allowing College Democrats, Advertising Club, Phi Alpha Delta, and Engineers Without Borders to attend the makeup MOM. According to Mackingtee, these groups took responsibility for not attending a MOM. This vote will also put a stipulation on the group: they’ll have to provide an updated roster and membership form.
  • Vote to allow National Society of Collegiate Scholars to attend make up MOM.


Student Body President Jake Torres inaugurated six senators during Tuesday’s meeting:

  • Jonathan Ishmael (Dedman I)
  • David Archer (Dedman I)
  • Christina Maturino (Dedman I)
  • Angela Martinez (Dedman II)
  • Shana Ray (Meadows)
  • Martha Pool (Cox)

Torres also appointed Pablo de Santiago as a Lyle Senator. Senate will vote on that next week.

Vacant seats: Education (2) and Meadows (2)


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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