Remaining Tidbits from Tuesday’s Senate Meeting

Apologies for only just now posting this. My schedule has been hectic.


Senate approved probationary status for three organizations: Fitness Club, One28 and Photography Club.

Up for vote next week:


Senate funded $4,590 yesterday:

  • APALSA: $2,000 (originally requested $2,200)
  • TSA: $150 (originally requested $500)
  • PRSSA: $1590 (originally requested $3,180)
  • Muddler: $400 (originally requested $1,000)
  • Medieval Club: $450 (originally requested $450)

The chamber saw some debate when considering APALSA’s request for Senate to help fund their trip to their national convention. The finance committee had recommended funding $1,100.

APALSA visited Senate twice in order to convince Senate to fund their request. They argued that having SMU at the convention would get the word out. In addition, they are hoping to have SMU students elected to the national board (one student is already on the board now, which they say has increased SMU’s standing in the organization).

APALSA is seeking outside funding as well, but they requested money so that they could send more students. In addition, they argued that if Senate funded them, they would get more donations because it would show that Senate has confidence in them.

Many senators felt they should be funded in full—Diversity Chair Jasmine Carr argued that having more people at the event and on the national board  would have several long-term benefits for SMU’s reputation.

Carr also favored funding because they were seeking outside money and they visited Senate consistantly.

Other senators, such as Dedman II Senator Rachel Fox, argued against funding above the Finance Committee’s recommendation. Fox argued that law organizations “tend to spend money on alcohol” because everyone is of legal age; Fox questioned whether Senate should fund in full because of that.

Lyle Senator Joe Gaasbeck argued that increasing the amount of funding would take away from other groups.

Senate failed to increase the recommendation to $2,200. But they did succeed in a motion to fund $2,000.

Up for vote next week:

  • Men’s Club Soccer: originally requested $720, Finance Committee recommends funding $540
  • DSP: originally requested $4,644, FC recommends funding $800
  • Spirit Squad: originally requested $1,842, FC recommends funding $850

About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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