Get to Know Your Student Senator: Joseph Esau

Joseph Esau, Senate Parliamentarian

Expected Graduation: May 2012

Major(s): Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Minor(s): Computer Engineering

Involvement on Campus: SMU Student Senate, Lyle School of Engineering, IEEE, Hughes-Trigg Student Center Governing Board

How long have you been a Student Senator?

I have been a Senator since the first semester of my freshman year. I served as a Lyle Senator for two years before being elected Parliamentarian for the 97th Student Senate.

What are your responsibilities in Senate (committees, etc.)?

I serve as the Student Senate Officer responsible for parliamentary procedure throughout the Senate. I chair general meetings when the Speaker is unavailable. I also serve as the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Senate, as well as a member of Rules Tribunal, the Executive Committee, and the chair of the Election Appeals Board.

What are your goals for the upcoming semester?

To help senators achieve their goals and actively represent their constituents. I would also like to tackle prominent issues that afflict our campus, including academic tutoring, reinstating Reading Days, and addressing numerous academic issues during finals week. I also plan to follow up on legislation that I have written in the past, including parking on campus and repainting the crosswalks in front of Hughes Trigg. Ultimately, I want to get ALL students to participate and get involved with Student Senate.

Why did you join Student Senate?

I joined Student Senate to be able to represent fellow students from the engineering school. As I became more experienced, I realized that my role expanded to represent the entire student body. I worked very hard in order to get Student Senate where it is today, and continue to do so. But it wouldn’t be where it is as well without the hard working members of student senate. That continues my drive to improve the quality of life here at SMU.

Why is Student Senate important?

This is your student government. Issues such as losing Reading Days and diplomas at graduation happen because the student body loses track of what goes on in their University. We are the voice for all students and as such will initiate action on their concerns. We also allocate funding for all student organizations on campus, many departments of SMU, and other outside organization. We charter all student organizations in order to legitimize their presence at SMU. Hence, the Student Senate is the cornerstone of student life at SMU.


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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