Get to Know Your Student Senator: Katie Perkins

Katie Perkins, Student Body Secretary

Expected Graduation: 2012
Major(s): English, Political Science
Minor(s): Human Rights

Involvement on Campus: Senate, Eta Iota Sigma, College Democrats, Service House

How long have you been a Student Senator?
I have been a senator as soon as I could be. I actually e-mailed Rob Hayden, the current Student Body President at the time, to find out when elections were for First Year Senator before school even started. I was elected as a First Year Senator a couple of weeks after I got on campus.

What are your responsibilities in Senate (committees, etc.)?
My responsibilities are as follows:
“Constitution, Article III, Section 3. The Secretary
The Secretary of the Student Body shall:
1. Serve as Secretary of the Student Senate, maintaining all records;
2. Serve as an ex-officio voting member of the Student senate;
3. Assist all officers in overseeing the execution of all pieces of legislation passed by the Student Senate and all Student Senate business;
4. Assist officers in the planning of the calendar for the following year;
5. Review and compile changes to the Student Code;
6. Serve as chairperson of the Student Senate Code of Conduct Revision Committee;
7. Interact with the Student Senate and university administrators in the presentation of all decisions of the Code of Conduct Revision Committee regarding proposed changes periodically throughout the year, as designated by the Senate calendar; and
8. Accept petitions of referendum.
By-Laws, Article VI
Section 2. The Code of Conduct Revision Committee
The Code of Conduct committee shall be responsible for reviewing and considering all proposed changes and revisions to the Student Code of Conduct.   The Student Body Secretary shall chair the committee when called.   In addition to the chair, the membership of the committee shall include the Student Body President, two Student Senators (to be nominated and elected by the Student Senate), the Student Senate Organizations Chair, the Student Senate Student Concerns Chair, a student representative of behalf of all social Greek life organizations on campus, a staff representative on behalf of Resident Life and Student Housing, the Director of Student Activities, and a staff member charged with overseeing judicial affairs”
What are your goals for the upcoming semester?
My most important goal for the upcoming semester as cheesy and cliché as it might sound is to serve the students of SMU. I want to be as accessible and approachable as possible. Another goal is to serve the Student Senate to the best of my ability. I want to create more detailed minutes then there have been in the past and make them available to students as soon as possible. I also plan to work with the webmaster to make sure all of the minutes are up to date on our website.
I also would like to increase traffic in the Senate Office. I plan to utilize the bulletin boards in the office and make it a place where if people are looking for information about Senate and how to get involved, they can find it. I would also like to increase the participation of Senators by providing incentives for them to become more involved in Senate. I will be reinstating the Senator of the Month rewarding a senator that has gone above and beyond.

Why did you join Student Senate?
I joined Student Senate because I am passionate about people, service, and SMU. I am, therefore, passionate about serving the students of SMU. I love being involved on campus and being able to help students and organizations on campus achieve their goals.

Why is Student Senate important?
Student Senate is important because it allows students to have a voice, a presence on our campus. It is an institution that allows students to in a working relationship with the administration. It is the link between the students and the administration. Senate also allocates funding to all of the student organizations on campus. Senate allows organizations to provide valuable programming for the students at SMU.

About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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