Get to Know Your Student Senator: Austin Prentice

Austin Prentice, Student Body Vice President

Expected Graduation: May, 2012
Major(s): Chemistry & Biology

Involvement on Campus: I currently work for the Men’s Basketball team. Resident Assistant in McElvaney Hall last year. One28 Campus ministry.  Mustang Corral Student Director this summer.  Student Body Vice President

How long have you been a Student Senator?
This will be my second full year as a Senator.  I have served on Finance Committee for my first two years as well, serving as vice chair at the beginning of last year (relinquished the vice-chair position to become a Senator).

What are your responsibilities in Senate (committees, etc.)?
As Vice President of the Student Body my main responsibility is President of the Senate.  I am over the Chief of Staff making sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.  I work on making sure organizations are represented and have a Senate member to contact if they need anything at all

What are your goals for the upcoming semester?
My goals are to create the needed transparency and excitement from Senate so the students become very active, involved, and passionate about what SMU is accomplishing.

Why did you join Student Senate?
I joined Senate hoping to fill a need of a more passionate Student Senate.  In no way did I join for my resume or anything to that extent, but rather to make a difference and help out SMU and my fellow students

Why is Student Senate important?
Student Senate is very important for the overall quality of student life here at SMU.  Senate is in charge of chartering and funding all organizations and student run programs on campus.  Our large allocations budget allows Senate to provide resources to students so they can put on great events, giving students other alternatives on campus.

About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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