Get To Know Your Student Senator: Jake Torres

Jake Torres, Student Body President

Expected Graduation: May 2011
Majors: English / Spanish
Involvement on Campus: Student Body President, Peruna Handler, Have served as- Vice President of New Member Education and Community Service IFC, Team Development Chair Relay for Life Board, Vice President of College Hispanic American Students, Student Representative Athletics Council

How long have you been a Student Senator?
I served as a senator for a year and a half before become the Student Body President.

What are your responsibilities in Senate (committees, etc.)?
I serve as the liaison between the Senate and the administration. I am tasked with presenting legislation passed by the Student Senate to the President of the University and working with him to implement our legislation across campus. I am also the highest-ranking officer within the Senate chamber.

What are your goals for the upcoming semester?
I hope to see Senate tackle some of the large issues on campus including tuition increases, recruitment of minority students, and work to establish and endowment for need based students. I will work with senators from multiple schools to continue to suggest new and innovative ways for the administration to address the problems. I also expect our senators to be more visible than ever before in our history. We will require and offer incentives for senators to engage their student body and regularly attend events both inside and outside of their schools.

Why did you join Student Senate?
I joined Senate because it provides the greatest opportunities to promote change within the school. I want to aggressively bring the needs and concerns of the students to the administration and work with them to address these concerns.

Why is Student Senate important?
Student Senate is the most powerful organization on campus and has the responsibility of representing all graduate and undergraduate students of SMU. SMU is an incredible institution and we as the students must do our part to continue to improve the university.

About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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