Summer Senate funds $12,170 during last meeting

The Senate funding extravaganza that is Summer Senate has ended.

The pot o’ money started at $25,000. $6,615 was doled out during the first two Summer Senate meetings [Ed. note: This amount was originally larger—see first meeting report for an update]

This morning Senate had $18,385 to give away. By the end of the (approximately) 75 minute meeting, $6,215 was left. According to Senate advisor J.J. Jones, the remaining money will roll over to the Fall semester.

One28 (one of the tabled requests) received $3,400 for their annual Fall retreat. They had originally requested $5,000. The organization requested the money so that they could pay for $40 of students’ registration fees. Students would then only have to pay $60.

Senators felt that $5,000 was too much, based on the amount of people who go to the event. They decided to fund for no more than 85 students with the stipulation that if less than 85 students signed up to go, One28 would return the money it didn’t use.

LEAD requested $2,000 to pay for the keynote speaker for their Crain Leadership Conference. Senators balked at the high price but eventually agreed to fund the request in full after discussing the conference merits (SMU students get in free; others pay $10).

The Outdoor Adventure Center received $2,250 to buy 10 more bikes for their bike leasing program [Ed. note: DC story here].

They had originally requested funding for 20 bikes, but Senate felt the cost was too much. Senators also added a stipulation that the OAC should consider raising the bike rates because they felt the current program wasn’t fiscally sustainable.

$1,920 went to SAMSA to fund a Boulevard tent. Jacky Negrete received an individual grant to cover the cost of airplane transportation to the World Youth Conference.

Senate also funded $2,250 for this year’s ¡Viva! America showcase, which celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

These Guys Walked Away With No Money:

  • PRSSA: Originally requested $4,270 for national conference. Senators felt like the conference (as described in the request) was mostly a job fair, which they usually do not fund.
  • Mock Trial: Originally requested $14,695 over two requests. But seeing that the organization had been budgeted $15,000 [link to spreadsheet document] for the year, Senate decided not to fund them any extra money at this time.
  • Students of Missional Wisdom: Requested $240 for a Day of Service, which would take place on Monday, August 23. Senators didn’t feel that people would attend the event because there hasn’t been any notification and people are too busy during the first week of school.
  • SAMSA: Additionally requested money for two large signs and a TV. Senate suggested that they use funds from their organization budget [spreadsheet document] and come back to Senate later if they needed additional money.
  • SPARC: Withdrew their funding request for their annual Community Service Day. Because the application was submitted two hours passed deadline and the event does not take place until Homecoming, Senate suggested they come back during the Fall semester.
  • The Black Clergy Women of the United Methodist Church: Requested $800 for their annual conference. Senate was not familiar with the organization and had questions about the request, as the organization also submitted a travel grant with the Perkins Student Association. However, no representative came to the meeting.

About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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