Senate funds $1,810 during second Summer Senate meeting

Four senators gathered briefly in Java City today to approve $1,810 in funding during the second Summer Senate meeting.

College Democrats received $800 to send three students (one of whom is Student Body Secretary Katie Perkins—she abstained from the vote) to their national convention in North Carolina, which takes place July 29 through August 1.

The Theta Tau Co-Ed Professional Engineering Fraternity received $1,010 in funding to send two students, the required amount, to their national convention in Denver from August 5-8.

The Fraternity originally requested $2,200.

Student Body President Jake Torres remarked that he felt the amount was “too much” for only two students. Vice President Austin Prentice agreed, but said he felt Senate “should help them.”

The Senators then decided after a brief debate that they would fund for transportation and registration—but not for the hotel, which would have been $800.

Summer Senate also heard a request from SAMSA to fund for a new TV for the office, which would be available to students. Prentice, who brought the request forward, did not know a specific price or model for the TV. Senators chose to informally table this request until a price was known.

Prentice began to suggest the Student Body Officers meet sometime in the future to approve the TV once he found out the price, but the other Senators quickly dismissed his request saying it wouldn’t be appropriate.

Senate then requested that SAMSA fill out a specific request form for the TV—with the price included—for the next scheduled Summer Senate meeting on August 8.

With $25,000 to spend this summer, Senate has $17,785 left for their last meeting. $7,000 of that has been requested from two organizations. During the last meeting, Senate tabled those requests until the August meeting because they are so large.


About Meredith Shamburger

Meredith is a journalist working for the Longview News-Journal in Longview, Texas.
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