Emergency Student Senate meeting called for Tuesday

By Brooks L. Powell

Student Body President Patrick Kobler has called a mandatory emergency meeting of the SMU Student Senate for Tuesday afternoon, Jan. 19, to discuss fundraising measures he and other student leaders at SMU plan to initiate to aid victims of the devastating earthquake that struck off the coast of Haiti last week.

“As the leaders of the student body it is our responsibility to lead an effort that will raise both funds and awareness for Haiti,” Kobler said in a mass email to all members of the Student Senate late Saturday afternoon.

A source close to the effort told The Daily Campus late Monday evening that the financial goal is substantial, and that “we are going to spread the net as wide as we can.” The source said closed-door meetings took place Monday afternoon to outline what would be presented Tuesday to the full Student Senate, adding that approval would have to be obtained from President Turner and Vice-President of Student Affairs Lori White before anything moves forward.

The emergency meeting will take place at 3:30 p.m. in the Hughes-Trigg Forum, located on the lower level of the SMU student center at 3140 Dyer Street. The Student Senate was not scheduled to reconvene for the spring session until Tuesday, Jan. 26th, but the urgency of the situation in Haiti spurred Kobler to take action.

Kobler said the SMU effort will likely take the form of a fundraising drive. Details will be firmed up Tuesday afternoon when student senators, administrators and other members of the SMU community will debate the most appropriate course of action.

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